Great beauty of Xinjiang -- the 16th tour of Xinjiang - Kashgar ancient city

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      Full name of Kashgar “ Kashgar ”, Meaning for “ The place where jade is concentrated ”, It is a bright pearl on the ancient Silk Road , have 2000 Years of history , It is the intersection of eastern and Western civilizations , Profound cultural heritage , It is a multi-ethnic community 、 Multi religious coexistence 、 A place of multiculturalism , With a long and profound history 、 Wonderful and splendid culture 、 Rich and famous products , The rich and simple folk customs are well known all over the world , It is an excellent place to experience tourism with national characteristics , enjoy “ Not to Kashgar, not to Xinjiang ” The reputation of the .


     fatigued by a long journey , We had a big dinner at a Chinese restaurant named GUI PENGYUAN , I feel like the best meal I have had since I started my trip to Xinjiang .

East Lake Square

     After the meal, a local friend led us to watch the night scene of Kashgar , First come to the East Lake Square . Although it's near 23 spot , The square is still full of people , It's very lively .

     Look out into the distance , The ground is a bit low , It looks like a huge sunken square , brilliantly illuminated , crowded , Very lively . The roof is decorated with colored lights , Buildings like open shells are urban planning exhibition halls , Its two sides are occupied areas 8 More than ten thousand ㎡ Artificial lake , Two strings of red lanterns in the distance are particularly eye-catching , In fact, the next string is the reflection in the water .

       Eager to explore the ancient city of Kashgar , Not deep into the lake , Just look up from a high place . 

       The square is full of evening walks 、 Leisure local residents , Warm 、 The cheerful square dance accompanied by music has attracted the attention of many people .

      Look at the dance , Look at the dancers , Completely authentic 、 Authentic Xinjiang dance , Ladies dress in uniform , Men go their own way , Maybe it's improvisation , But the smiles on the dancers' faces are just as bright , Heartfelt happiness .

     The tall buildings along the street show patterns of changing light and shadow , Desert camels trek along the ancient Silk Road , The atmosphere here makes foreign tourists feel strong ethnic customs , Produce great resonance and heartfelt pleasure .

      The old city of Kashgar is located in the center of Kashgar , South to Renmin Road , North to Seman road 、 Yawag road , West to yunmu lakxia road , To the East is the light viewing belt of Tuman River   , Including the Tuman River scenic belt , East Lake 、 South Lake, people's Park and other panoramic open scenic spots .

Borrow a picture of East Lake scenery on the Internet , The urban planning exhibition hall is one of the most dazzling landmarks in Kashgar .
Kashgar night

     Keep walking for a few minutes , I came to the ancient city of Kashgar East gate Outside , The East Gate Tower is towering , It is the largest gate of the ancient city , A grand opening ceremony is held here every morning .

    Neon flashes , The light column changes , The music is melodious , crowing , A scene of prosperity and joy .

      Kashgar TV Tower , Put on gay clothing and powder one's face , Light shadow transformation , Add color to the night scene of the ancient city .

     Across the street , The popularity is flourishing , dynamic , Perhaps it is the place that best reflects the night view of the old city , Failed to travel all over the old city , Don't jump to conclusions , But at least one .

      A huge copper pot , I saw it many times on the streets of Kashgar , Local characteristics represent ?

       Ethnic musical instruments in Xinjiang , I wonder if it's called “ Dutar ”? Not only can you play music , It can also be displayed as an exquisite handicraft , Simple and simple but chic and elegant .

    Geng Gong temple , The tallest building in the old city .《 were 》 record , Geng Gong, a garrison officer in the western regions of the Eastern Han Dynasty stay  “ Shule ” The city was trapped by the Hun Army , The water source outside the city was cut off , There is no water in the city . In a crisis , Geng Gong trims his clothes , Kneel down to heaven , Pull out the sword , After digging three feet , The spring gushed out . The Huns learned that there was water in the city , I thought God would help me , Withdraw troops immediately . This is what is famous in history “  Shule Baiquan retreated from the Huns ” The story of , This spring has been known as “ Geng Gongjing ”.

      Zuozongtang led his army into Xinjiang , Liujintang, the commander in chief of the front line, drove agubai's invading army out of Xinjiang , Put the camp behind Kashgar , Presided over by him , At the top of the old city of Kashgar , Built a rather spectacular Geng Gong temple .

        Kashgar ancient city food Square, which is separated from the ancient city all the way , Similarly, the lights are bright .

       After enjoying the beautiful scenery of the ancient city , It is already midnight , To be exact , It is already after zero . It's hard to travel , But hard but happy !

The opening ceremony

       The next morning , Then go to the east gate of the old city , Wait 10 The opening ceremony starts at o'clock .

      Kashgar has been the largest city in southern Xinjiang for hundreds of years , It is the north of the ancient Silk Road 、 in 、 The west end of the south line , It has always been the transportation hub and commodity distribution center of China and the West , Trade is very developed , Have “ Five to eight , All the way to Eurasia ” The geographical advantages of . 

      The blue sky and white clouds , Flowers and trees are luxuriant , Many tourists have gathered outside the towering city tower , Three floors inside and three floors outside , Very spectacular . Kashgar ancient city is the first famous historical and cultural city in Xinjiang , It has the most representative historical and cultural landscape , It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Xinjiang .

      Read some travel notes , At the opening ceremony, many actors dressed in national costumes danced , The scene was cheerful 、 Warm . Why are only two men dancing today , And the clothes are ordinary , Whether it is different due to different days ? However, the dancing of the two men has played an important role in attracting jade , In the music , One after another, onlookers joined the dance procession , The team is growing , The scene was warm .

      You can see clearly during the day , The city wall at the east gate of the old city is obviously higher , It looks like the city wall is towering , Quite imposing .

      On the wall on the right side of the city gate , All kinds of buildings are scattered in height , An orderly , That's the impression street of Kashgar I walked through last night .

    The old city of Kashgar consists of many types of bazaars : Flower pot bazaar 、 Hat bazaar 、 Kinbazaar 、 Cloth bazaar 、 Musical instrument bazaar 、 Corn bazaar 、 Cotton bazaar 、 Livestock bazaar …….“ Cargo cloud village , People gather like bees , There are often rare treasures ; Livestock fruit , Not to mention ” The grand occasion continues to this day .

      To the north of the east gate is the flowerpot bazaar , Except for the shops , And the earthenware Pavilion . Pottery making has a long history in Kashgar , As a folk handicraft handed down from generation to generation by the Uygur nationality , It has been continuously inherited and developed .

     Earthenware is mainly made of natural clay , It is made by hand and fired at high temperature , It is made of color and pattern , Simple and elegant , It fully reflects the unique aesthetic of the Uygur people .

      Some people sigh : bazaar 、 transaction , This is the eternal legacy of the Silk Road to the old city of Kashgar . Those ugly shops , Are linked to Central Asia 、 South Asia , And beyond ; Those shopkeepers who look like ordinary people , It may be the merchant aristocratic family that travels along the silk road .

The style of the ancient city

     Our hotel is located in Renmin West Road , It is only one road away from the ancient city .

      The hotel 10 layer , The rooms facing the street can overlook the ancient city of Kashgar , The houses are densely packed , There are no high-rise buildings , Earthy yellow tone .

      The old urban area of Kashgar has a total of 8 Square kilometers , There are residents 22 ten thousand people ; One more thing : The core area of the ancient city scenic spot 1.57 Square kilometers ,1.2 Thousands of families 、 near 4 Thousands of people . Kashgar ancient city is the best preserved urban block in China , It is not only a scenic spot , It is also the daily living area of residents 、 Business and food areas .

    Guide map of Kashgar ancient city , The whole ancient city radiates outward with the Great Mosque of etiga as the center , There are 13 main streets and nearly 100 alleys . The streets meander , The winding path leads to a secluded quiet place , Flexible . The main road running through the middle of the ancient city is Jiefang North Road , The old city is virtually divided into the East 、 West two parts ( Personal opinion ).

      Since the Qing Dynasty 1760 After the establishment of the Minister of counsellors in Kashgar in , As the politics in the south of Tianshan Mountain 、 economic 、 Culture and transportation center , The population of Kashgar City surged , You can't live in the old city , Begin to expand to the west of today's Jiefang Road .1762 Laining city was built in , It is only a short distance from the old city 1 km . To 1839 year , The area between Laining city and the old city has been built into folk houses , The Qing Dynasty was stationed in Kashgar. King zuhelding of AQIM Burke County ( It is called in the history books “ Arkham Burke early town ”) Presided over the city expansion project , Move the west wall of the city to youmulake xieher road , Connected with the original Laining city , A new south gate is opened at the old post office , call “ Kumudaierwaza ”( Salmonella ), Nanguan area has become a prosperous handicraft industry zone , A new city centered on the Great Mosque of etiga has been formed .

      I didn't do my homework carefully , Choose the south entrance near the west of Renmin Road to enter the ancient city , I just want to travel from west to East . Just entered the ancient city , There was a huge copper pot by the roadside , It's exactly the same as what I saw in the night of the ancient city last night .

    The ancient city of Kashgar , It is the largest existing in the world Raw earth buildings One of , Covering the natural landscape 、 Ruins 、 Building facilities 、 Cultural activities 、 Tourist goods, etc 6 Categories: 171 A single tourism resource , It has world-class Intangible Cultural Heritage 1 term , National 14 term .

      The old city wall Introduce : The old city of Kashgar has existed 2000 Years of history , A.D. 1 century Then there are Panli city and kharosha city , A.D. 16 century , Kashgar City was built during the Yeerqiang Khanate period .1762 year , Build Laining city , here The city gate site is 1838 The south gate built in , It is called kumudaierwaza , The Chinese translation is "Salmone" .

     The original population density and building density in the old urban area of Kashgar are large , Most residential houses are civil engineering 、 Brick and wood structure , Poor seismic capacity ; There is little public infrastructure , People's life is inconvenient .2010 In, the old city reconstruction project was launched , The reconstructed ancient city retains the architectural art of local ethnic minorities , It has inherited the local folk culture , People's life is convenient , Let the millennium old city glow with youth .

     The residents of the old city of Kashgar are mainly Uighurs , Strong national characteristics , It is the most representative in the whole Xinjiang region . The folk houses here have their own characteristics , Most people are on a limited plane , A small building with two to three floors of civil structure , Some extend downward , Build a basement . Each family has a small courtyard , For raising flowers or placing bonsai . flower 、 Green plants and building pillars 、 Wood carving 、 The colorful flower decorations on the cornice complement each other , Strewn at random have send , Quiet and fresh .

    Jingqi lane , From the northwest to the Southeast , Total length of 280 rice , wide 4 rice . Jingqi ( Uyghur Language ), It means the weigher , Therefore, the local residents have always been named after the industry of making wooden pole scales .

        A hundred year old teahouse , having a great reputation , Tourists poured in . We also drift with the tide , I really want to take my seat here , Order a pot of hot tea , Accompanied by local snacks , Experience the fun of the teahouse .

     Go up to the second floor of the teahouse , Very lively , The tea drinkers sat on the ground , the house is crowded in every part , There was more music , The dancers are dancing .

      Too noisy , It is good to look at , Walk around , Know your interests and retreat .

      In fact, there are many teahouses in the old city , Can be seen everywhere . A century old teahouse , Just a few steps away, there is a colorful ancient room tea restaurant in Kashgar .

      Oil painting Street .

       The oil painting street in wusitang Boyi Road, an ancient city of Kashgar, is an artistic Street specially created for oil painting lovers , The street is clean and tidy 、 Simple and elegant 、 There is a strong artistic atmosphere , Is to show painting skills 、 An ideal place to spread your talent , It is also a new network red card punching place in the ancient city of Kashgar , At present, the oil painting street has 30 More than galleries settled in .

      The outer wall of the second floor of the building has peeled off , You can clearly see the civil building structure , Unburned earth bricks ( Is it the so-called raw soil structure ) Erect a wall , It visually shows the local architectural features . It's just this architecture , The earthquake resistance is really not strong .

      After walking through the streets for more than an hour , Go out of the western part of the old city of Kashgar , Came to Jiefang North Road runs through the old city , Continue to visit the eastern part of the old city of Kashgar . I have seen the historical evolution of the old city , The eastern part of the old city has a longer history .

      Jiefang North Road It is a main street in Kashgar , Passing cars , Prosperous business , There are many stalls on the sidewalk , The hustle and bustle , Bustling . 

      Leave Jiefang North Road ( It should also be part of the old city ), Turn right , Get into East of the old city of Kashgar . Here is a street that seems to be catering , Rows of shops are selling food , Full of beautiful things in eyes , Wonderful , The flow of people is also more intensive .

      Pot meat , Old fashioned enamel teapot , There is a large piece of mutton in it , Always heat on a stove .

     Although there are many delicious foods , But not to the taste , People of our age still like to talk 、 A digestible diet . After a feast for the eyes , Walk back to the hotel along Jiefang North Road .

     Pass by Kashgar regional administrative office , Jiefang North Road 46 Number . At present, there are only a few local administrative offices in China .( province 、 When necessary, the people's Government of the autonomous region , With the approval of the State Council , Several administrative offices may be established , As its agency , Supervise and urge 、 Check 、 Guide the county 、 City 、 The work of the people's Government of an Autonomous County , And handle the matters assigned by the competent department of the people's government at a higher level .)

      People often say that traveling to Xinjiang ,“ Look at the scenery in Northern Xinjiang , Look at the customs in southern Xinjiang ”, Enter the old city of Kashgar three times , I have fully realized that this statement is true . Although there are many places in the old city that have not been set foot in , Leave a little regret , But after all, it's already three entries , It opened my eyes , I'm full of eyes . The old city of Kashgar has a long history , The architecture is unique , Rich ethnic customs , It is better than the Yining Kazan ethnic customs area that I have visited before 、 The Bagua city is much larger away from the street , The local conditions and customs are more wonderful , It is definitely a city that never gets tired of seeing , A city that wants to come again .

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