The name of xiaohuangshan service area in Changzhou is a little catchy

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* Tourist spots : Changzhou xiaohuangshan service area

Because there are no restaurants around the mountain , We did not deliberately look for , Directly on the highway . I happened to see xiaohuangshan service , Because of the name , I decided to have dinner here .

The service area is not large , Nor is it the online red service area in Jiangsu . But there's another reason to go in , Although the scale of the service area is the same as that of Mei Village 、 The service of Yangcheng Lake is incomparable , But it can also be said that although the sparrow is small, it has five internal organs . We don't expect any delicacies , The standard duck neck and duck blood vermicelli soup in the service area are enough to cope with a meal . What makes people curious is , Xi'an Liangpi and duck blood fans belong to the same family , There are also those who sell cauldron helmets , I can taste the delicious food from the north and the South all at once .

I'm full , We are curious about the name of xiaohuangshan . XuXiake said “ The five mountains return without looking at the mountains , Huangshan return not to see yue ”, Since then, the beautiful scenery of Mount Huangshan has become famous all over the world . People who like to travel , It's true that you can't go to Huangshan to see the four wonders . It can be named Huangshan Mountain , I think the scenery here is also good . Although we are not going to go down , But it doesn't interfere with checking the Internet while having dinner “ Little Huangshan ”.

Xiaohuangshan is the only mountain in the new North District of Changzhou , It is also a rare mountain and forest resource in the city , It is located in the north of Menghe town . In fact, the mountain is not high , The highest point is only 95 meters above sea level .

“ Ninety five meters ……” Little buddy, I can't laugh or cry ,“ Can this also be called a mountain ? It's just a small mound of earth .”

“ You can't say that , There are no mountains in Changzhou , Such a small hill almost 100 meters high , It is also very rare . Rare things are precious , No wonder people call it xiaohuangshan . But this scale , It is worse than Mount Huangshan in Jiangyin .”

Small partner interface :“ So our Jiangyin is called Huangshan , Here can only be called xiaohuangshan .” The tone of speaking , Also specially emphasized a “ Small ” word . however , It is estimated that the mountain is really small . Just because it is located in the plain , That's why I feel more or less imposing . otherwise , People are also embarrassed to say “ huangshan ” Name , Although I am still very modest to add a word before my name “ Small ” word .

Although the mountain is not high , Although the mountain is small , But it is said that a few years ago , The peach blossom jellyfish was found in the pool of xiaohuangshan mountain . You should know that this extremely dangerous species has high requirements for water quality , Although I haven't heard that anyone has found it again , But it is enough to prove that the ecological environment of xiaohuangshan is still good .

Changzhou is adjacent to Zhenjiang , Of course, there is no shortage of pot cover noodles . We went for a walk , It is also very common , The variety is not as rich as that of xijindu .

Although it happens to be dinner time , But the flow of people in the service area is still very small . Jiangsu's service area is very famous all over the country , In particular, several online service areas , People can see that it is a feast for the eyes . Like the plum village in Wuxi 、 Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou , Are the best of them . Little Huangshan is not famous , If not for “ huangshan ” Two words , We may not stop in this service area . Service areas like this , There are still many in Jiangsu , Each one is bright and clean , Regardless of size , Famous or not , At least it looks clean and tidy .

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