Shengshan Town, Zhejiang Shengsi archipelago tour No. 3: Wizard of oz - houtouwan village, Shengshan Island

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         Facing the ocean , Scattered buildings , Lush vines , Green eyes …… Walking into the village is empty , A scene of silence and desolation .

         This morning, I went to the East Cliff of Shengshan island to watch the beautiful sunrise , After breakfast in Shengshan Town, go to wanghong village on the island —— Houtouwan village .

         Follow the winding stone path to the village .

         Look up —— One complete 2-3 Floor reinforced concrete building , Covered with green ivy , Spread along the hillside ……

         Stone steps and paths 、 Cobblestone road 、 The cement road runs through the village .

         The village is quiet , There is no breath of life , No roosters or dogs , Only twos and threes of tourists walked around , Just showed a little anger .

         Houtouwan village was established in the 1950s , Located in the northeast of Shengshan island , Facing the ocean , It is the national famous Zhoushan fishing ground center .

         The fishery resources here are particularly rich , The villagers' small fishing boats can return home with a full load without going too far .

         In the late 1960s , Some people in the village began to build buildings . And then , Buildings sprang up , One building is taller than the other , One building is more luxurious than the other .

         Until the 1980s , Houtouwan village is still the leading affluent village on Shengshan island . At its peak, the population under its jurisdiction exceeded 3000 people , Its prosperous scene is known as the of Shengshan “ Little Taiwan ”.

         Back mountain 、 Villagers who live facing the sea , After all, the traffic is inconvenient 、 Limited living area and other reasons , Since the late 1980s, they have moved in succession . To 1995 in , With the evacuation of houtouwan primary school , Houtou Bay is completely deserted .2002 year , Houtouwan, where the buildings are empty, officially withdrew from the village and merged into Minfu village .

         Houtouwan village is less popular , Green plants have become the protagonists .

          Especially the wild breeding of Parthenocissus Vitis , Climb on every wall 、 Every room , It seems that the unmanned village should be built into the world of Parthenocissus .

         Green eyes , The eyes seem to be “ dye ” It's green —— The house is green , The wall is green , Even the roadside is green ……

         Sit by the roadside and take a nap , I feel like I'm going to be green “ melting ” Changed .

         Walking around the village , Occasionally, there are white gardenias 、 Red heart and white flower cockscomb 、 Colorful Persian chrysanthemums .

         Looking out from the village , It was found that there was a building in the uninhabited village , There seems to be a sign of habitation , There is a neat path in front of the house leading to the wharf , There is also a viewing platform nearby .

         The viewing platform in the village is the most popular place .

         The viewing platform is also a good place to play beautiful photography .

         Follow the path down to the seaside , You can feel that the villagers in houtouwan really have invincible sea view houses .

         This green vine is everywhere 、 A quiet and desolate no man's village , It's not as beautiful as the world , It was used in England  《 The daily mail 》 As a “ The global 28 An abandoned scenic spot ” One of .

         Why , There is another room here “ Seafood noodle restaurant ”, If you are hungry when you play, you can try some fresh food here .

         Walking through the village , The air is intoxicating .

         Wizard of Oz 、 Fairy tale world 、 An uninhabited village full of mystery 、 A desert island returning to nature ……

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