Maastricht, the Netherlands, a millennium journey through time (Part 1)

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Amsterdam is the only Netherlands , The Hague , Rotterdam ? Of course not. , Although the Netherlands is small , There are many places to play .

Maastricht , The southernmost city in the Netherlands , Let's see how to play with this “ Most unlike the Netherlands ” In the city .

Maastricht , The capital of Limburg, the southernmost province of the Netherlands , Everyone kindly called her “ Maastricht ”, Because it's easy to remember and catchy .
here , It is the oldest city in the Netherlands , Walk through it , It has been a journey through thousands of years .

The holy old church of our lady

In the fourth century , The first bishop of Macheng , Built the oldest church in the whole city — Notre Dame . The walls of stones are still clearly visible , It's deep and mottled , It's the color of time . The interior of the church is dark and a little depressed , It seems to be telling the vicissitudes of more than ten centuries .
The appearance of the Church of Notre Dame
Inside the Church of Notre Dame
Inside the Church of Notre Dame , The candle of prayer burns long
Walking through the alleys in the old city , From time to time, you can see this statue of the virgin hanging on the wall at the corner of the street . According to legend , The winter of a certain year , The morning before and after Christmas , Someone saw the figure of the virgin appeared in the alley . So people set up these bronze statues where they saw the Virgin Mary . Although it is a legend , but , It's a beautiful legend .
The portrait of the virgin on the street

An irreconcilable twin Church

In the old city , Turn a few paths , Arrive at fairhoff square, the largest in Macheng (Vrijthof), This is the history two centuries later . In the square , There stands another ancient Roman Catholic Church : The old church of St. cerfas . The first bishop of Emmanuel “ Saint SEPAs “ Named after the , Built in the sixth century , It is one of the oldest churches in Europe . In this millennium , The church has been rebuilt many times , A mix of styles from different times , Formed the current style .
The old church of St. cerfas
The old church of St. cerfas
Next to the old church of St. cerfas , It was built in the 14th century , A Gothic Protestant church with a scarlet tower , It's called St. John's Church .
St. John's church with the red tower
Catholicism and Protestantism , The two don't recognize each other's sects , In Macheng, there are churches standing next to each other , In those days , A rare . So it's called “ Twin Church ”(church twins).
Catholicism and Protestantism , The two don't recognize each other's sects , In Macheng, there are churches standing next to each other , In those days , A rare . So it's called “ Twin Church ”(church twins).
Standing side by side “ Twin Church ”

An old mill for thousands of years

Walk slowly through those uneven stone roads , Along the pace of time , You'll stop in front of an inconspicuous old mill .

The water mill was built in the eleventh century , Although the appearance of the old waterwheel inside is not very good , It is the oldest waterwheel in the Netherlands . The old mill is still doing what it did in the eleventh century — bakery .
The oldest waterwheel in the Netherlands
Besides visiting the old mill , You can also try Limbaugh pie in the bakery . Experience a retro journey of civilian life in the 11th century .
The province where Macheng is located is called Limburg Province . Limbaugh school

The broken bridge of St. cerfas

The full name of Macheng “ Maastricht ” Inside “ Maas ” Two words , It comes from the MAS river flowing through the center of Macheng . On the Maas river stands a St. cerfas bridge built in the 13th century , Also used the first bishop of horse city “ Saint SEPAs ” To name it . The bridge was renovated in the 17th century , Roughly what it looks like now .

Although the whole bridge can pass , But if you look closely, you will find , The bridge is incomplete , Part of the stone bridge is connected by reinforced concrete . you 're right , This incomplete part was destroyed during World War II , Macheng people didn't rebuild it as it is , Instead, it is repaired with steel and cement of obviously different materials , As if to remind the pain of war that has gone and has not been forgotten .
The broken bridge of St. cerfas

Everywhere, the old city wall and the gate of sad hell

There is a well preserved protective wall in the old urban area of Macheng . The moat was built in the 13th century , go by the name of “ The gate of hell ” The old city gate is part of this .
“ The gate of hell ”
Behind this tall, thick and seemingly ordinary old city gate, there is an extremely sad history : The black death that ravaged Europe in the 14th century , It is one of the most serious plagues in human history , Took about half the population of Europe at that time .

The black death is not only incurable , It can also spread . In order to prevent the spread of germs and infect more people , The government at that time adopted a strict segregation policy , Once someone is found to be infected with the Black Death , The patient will be immediately sent to a special place outside the city for the treatment of black death patients . And because there was no cure , Being sent out of the city gate is tantamount to the death penalty , Can only wait outside the city for the call of death . A wall , Is the boundary between life and death , Hence the name of the old city gate “ The gate of hell ”.

This section of the city wall is broad and thick , There is quite a long section of the city wall. Now you can climb up and encircle the city for half a circle to see the scenery in the city . Walking in the old city , From time to time, I can meet this section of the old city wall .
The ubiquitous old city wall
Don't build a consistent monument
Here's a deliberately cut wall , A monument stands under the wall , It says in ancient Latin : I'm not who I am (Non sum qvalis eram)--“ This broken wall commemorates the road across the street 13 The old city wall of the century .” On the reflective glass, you can see the blurred face of the old city wall across the street .
what ? can't see clearly ? Please come to Macheng and have a look in person .

Pray in the paradise Bookstore

Paradise bookstore in the center of Ma City , It's a city with 800 A bookstore transformed from a 20-year-old Church , The British 《 The guardian 》 Call it the most beautiful bookstore in the world .
The location of the church built in the 13th century makes it a special place in the city , And lost its sacred role as a church in the eighteenth century , Easy to use .

For the next two hundred years , It was used as a snake farm , Bicycle shed , Concert Hall , Student test points , Christmas market , Temporary Pavilion . Finally in the 2001 By the Macheng government and the largest chain bookstore group in the Netherlands Selexyz Transformed into what the bookstore looks like now .
Holy and silent knowledge , Maybe it's the best match for a church . The holy majesty of the church seems to be infected with aura , A reader who reads quietly , Flowing quietly throughout the Church .
The rustling sound of turning pages , It's like a gentle prayer , A prayer for knowledge , The most pious prayer .
And tired of reading , You can also go to the cafe in the Church Coffee Lovers Buy a cup of strong coffee , Quietly enjoy this leisure time for a while .

Which years of stone roads and deep alleys

I don't know the stone road left by years , Twists and turns in the whole old city , arranged in a crisscross pattern , A turn around , It's another scene you haven't seen before .
Coffee shops hidden in the streets , Brand stores can make you stay in history in the 21st century .
that , Why not stop a little in time , Sit in a favorite coffee shop , Look at time , Like a stopped hourglass , Precipitated in the streets of Macheng , Corner fall ...
Old town , A random corner , Also picturesque
brilliant , War chaos , decline , The plague , The rise of ... A city , Experience a journey through thousands of years , Sufficient .

Next up :《 Maastricht , A thousand year journey through time ( Article 2 )》

Through the ancient horse city , The modern Macheng is also wonderful and worth looking forward to : Macheng City Hall, the birth of the European Union , I can't see the huge underground maze with five fingers dark , Drinking coffee in three countries at the same time , The first-class institution of business in the Netherlands -- Maastricht University .

Visit details of the above scenic spots
Because time and price will change , So the information is only for participation , Don't blame me if you don't open the door . Please refer to the official websites for details :
Notre Dame (Basiliek van Onze Lieve Vrouw)
Address :Onze Lieve Vrouweplein 7, 6211 HD Maastricht, Netherlands
The virgin Shrine : Every day  8:00 - 20:00
Inside the church : Every day  8:30 - 17:00
tickets : free
Official website :
Twin Church
The old church of St. cerfas (St. Servatius)
Address :Keizer Karelplein 3, 6211 TC Maastricht, Netherlands
Monday to Saturday :10:00-17:00  Sunday :12:30-17:00
( Church festivals are regarded as Sundays : The second day of Easter , The second day of Pentecost , Ascension day and Halloween )
tickets : adult €4.50 ;65 above /18 following / Student €3.00
Official website :
St. John's Church (Sint Janskerk)
Address :Vrijthof 24, 6211 LD Maastricht, Netherlands
Monday to Saturday ( make an appointment ):11:00-16:00
Church tickets : free
Tower tickets : adult  € 2.50; children  € 1.50
Official website :
Old mill (Bisschopsmolen)
Address :Stenenbrug 3, 6211 HP Maastricht, The Netherlands
Monday : Don't open the door .
Tuesday to Saturday :09:00-18:00.
Sunday :10:00-17:00.
Not open on holidays .
Official website :
St. cerfas bridge (sint servaasbrug)
Address :sint servaasbrug, Maastricht, Netherlands
No time limit
The gate of hell (Helpoort)
Address :Sint Bernardusstraat 24b, 6211HH Maastricht, Netherlands
No time limit
Paradise Bookstore (BoekhandelDominicanen)
Address :Dominicanerkerkstraat 1,6211 CZ Maastricht, Netherlands
Sunday 、 One :12:00-18:00.
Tuesday 、 3、 ... and 、 5、 ... and 、 6、 ... and :10:00-18:00.
Thursday :10:00-21:00.
Not open on holidays .
tickets : free
Official website :

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