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Now go to Thailand for a free trip , Buying is essential , After all, for many people , Shopping has become a very important part of travel , And for us Chinese , Thailand is more regarded as “ Super easy to buy ”, Affordable products are acceptable to everyone , So a good Thai must buy list is essential !

【 I AIS Communication card 】

I have been to Thailand many times , Every time, a friend asked me what kind of phone card I use to go to Thailand, which is cost-effective , To this end, I share my personal experience .
I went to Bangkok this time to do AIS The card of , If you are in China, you can buy it on Taobao , You can also go to the airport in Thailand , If you don't have time or forget to handle it at the airport , Of major shopping malls AIS Stores can also be handled , however 49 The Thai baht package can only be handled at the airport .
I handled it myself 299 Thai baht package .4G The Internet ,3GB Of packets , Check the map , Brush micro blog , Brushing Tiktok or something is enough . and 7 Wechat is free of traffic within days . And give away 100 The call fee in Thai baht , And there are AIS WiFi The place of , You can surf the Internet for free . Just call China 1 Baht one minute , Super cost-effective . use AIS There are a lot of discounts for your card , Like a taxi driver GRAB Three times 100 What about the Thai baht discount , In this way, the small partners share it out , The transportation fee is very cost-effective , And you don't have to squeeze public transportation . Tickets to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and Ocean Park are also discounted , This time AIS Ka collected a lot of wool .
AIS It is the largest operator in Thailand , The worry signal is completely different , Fast Internet speed , And there are many packages to choose from . Friends with selective phobia , You can handle the same as me 299 Thai baht lucky card is enough .

【 II RAMAIVANICH Massage Oil 】

as everyone knows , Thai massage is very famous . This time I found a very special massage Essential Oil , This brand is called RAMAIVANICH, There is a very special fragrance called mamei fragrance , Its smell is very special , It is said that the secret recipe of the ancient Siamese court was used , The ingredients are from Moringa seeds 、 Organic oil and pure natural products extracted from rice , Yes “ Siamese rose ”“ Royal water lily ”“ The secret of the East ” Three series , From massage oil 、 Body lotion 、 Skin cream 、 Hand cream, etc , Buy from use or give away is a good choice , The little girl who loves beauty must have a try ~
Purchase address :SiamgemsHeritage、Siam Serpentarium、RubberLand、P.T.Galleria、Rest88.

【 III Dentiste toothpaste 】

Dentiste The toothpaste is divided into night use 、 Three series of whitening and high-quality care ,Dentiste It is mainly extracted from herbs , So it's very reassuring to use . Night use can effectively remove bacteria produced during sleep , Whitening can help remove stubborn tooth stains , The high-quality care series is more suitable for children's boots with sensitive teeth .

【 IV JULA’SHERB skin care products 】

 JULA’SHERB It was the most subtle discovery of my trip to Bangkok . It is a well-known skin care brand in Thailand , Adhere to the way of natural skin care , Extract active ingredients from nature , Bring natural luxury to the skin , Compared with major European and American brands , Simple and crude skin care methods , Or are natural herbs more reassuring .

【 Wu Yi Jula’sherb marigold acne gel 】

This anti acne gel is an ingredient extracted from marigold according to its name , So it's very natural . In Bangkok , Because of irregular work and rest, I have some acne , With this gel , The inflammation disappeared the next day , It also contains AHA and BHA Other types of fruit acids , Help metabolize old waste cutin , After use, the skin is very smooth .

【 Lu Yi JULA’SHERB The essence of 】

Hydrating Jula’sherb mango yogurt booster serum Zhula crane mango yogurt essence , It is an ingredient extracted from Mango in Thailand , When you run out of skin water , Some fine lines also talked a lot , The key is to compare with other brands of moisturizing essence , Not greasy at all , The skin feels super good .
Jula’sherb moringa repair gel Zhula crane Moringa repair gel is the main antioxidant , In fact, because of ultraviolet radiation , And the growth of age and other reasons , The skin starts to oxidize . Moringa extract contains antioxidants , It can effectively repair damaged skin , For acne 、 Replenishment also has a certain effect .
If you are a fairy who wants to turn white into a light , Then you must not miss it Jula’sherb longan melasma serum Zhula crane longan essence , High concentration of vitamin C Whitening effect needless to say , Acne marks or something , Stick with it for a while , You can see that it has obviously faded a lot . The skin color is also obviously brightened .
This trip to Bangkok made me feel better about the city , A lot of good things have been harvested , If you also find good things in Bangkok , Welcome to share with me in the comment area ……
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