Three steps to get a five-year French visa, Schengen said to go~

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Send a five-year legal signature to Zhenlou just applied for ~~


Ten year US visa 、 Ten year additional signature 、 Ten year Israeli visa 、 Ten year Argentine visa , Five year Schengen visa 、 Five year Brazilian visa 、 Five year Japanese visa 、 Five year Korean visa ! And the ten-year British signature of local tyrants , The rumored tyrant's ten-year Australian visa ! Have to say , In recent years, Chinese passports have become more and more useful ! It's no wonder , In today's economic environment , The consumption power of Chinese tourists is very attractive to all countries , I believe that Chinese passports will be better and better used !

So you don't have to worry so much about applying for a visa , Since I applied for Schengen five times 、 Four times in the United States 、 Three times Argentina 、 Twice in Canada 、 From the experience of many visas such as Britain, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand , In fact, you only need to prove that you can get your visa smoothly at two points : One is you rich , Enough to cover the cost of the trip , This can be proved by work income 、 Bank deposits 、 Credit card flow 、 Room, car, etc. to prove ; Second, you are indeed To travel , It won't be dark there , This can be done through travel planning 、 Proof of work 、 Room book and car book 、 Past travel experience to prove .

This article introduces how to finish the five-year legal signature in three steps , More visa strategies will be shared later , Welcome to continue to pay attention .

Schengen Kop

First of all, popularize science : Schengen (Schengen) The agreement was signed in the town of Schengen in Luxembourg , It stipulates the single visa policy of Member States , The countries that implement this Agreement are the so-called “ The Schengen state ”. Hold a Schengen visa issued by any Schengen member state , After entering the Schengen area, you can travel freely to and from all Schengen countries , There is no border inspection between Member States (passport control).

The Schengen state

The Schengen area currently contains 26 A country , Among them is 22 A member of the European Union ( The dark blue area above ): Austria 、 Belgium 、 The Czech republic 、 The Danish ( Except Greenland and Faroe Islands )、 Estonia 、 Finland 、 The French ( Except for the overseas administrative regions of France )、 Germany 、 The Greek 、 In Hungary, 、 Italy 、 Latvia 、 Lithuania 、 Luxembourg 、 Malta 、 Netherlands ( Except Aruba 、 curacao 、 Saint Martin of the Netherlands and the Caribbean of the Netherlands )、 Poland 、 Portugal 、 Slovakia 、 Slovenia 、 Spain ( Except Ceuta and Melilla )、 The Swedish ;4 A non EU country ( The light blue area above ): Iceland 、 Liechtenstein 、 The Norwegian ( Except Svalbard )、 Switzerland .
Three micro countries Monaco 、 San Marino 、 Andorra and Schengen also have no border inspection .
Besides , Many other European countries and regions rely on multiple Schengen C class ( tourism ) Visa can also be visa free entry , Like Bulgaria 、 Romania 、 Croatia 、 Montenegro 、 Albania 、 Kosovo 、 Macedonia 、 Bosnia 、 Cyprus 、 Gibraltar et al . Serbia has done the same before , But now the Chinese white passport is also visa free .
In short, Schengen has been in hand many times in five years , The vast majority of European countries say they can go ~~

First step : Schengen signed many times in March

Apply for a visa from any Schengen country , After entering the country, you can travel freely to and from all Schengen countries . So which country should I apply for a Schengen Visa ? The regulations are as follows :

Case study

Determine the country of application
1、 Travel only in France , Apply for Schengen, France ;
2、 Switzerland, France, Belgium , Among them, Switzerland 4 God 、 The French 5 God 、 Belgium 3 God , Apply for Schengen, France
3、 Switzerland, France, Belgium , Among them, Switzerland 3 God 、 The French 3 God 、 Belgium 3 God , Apply for Schengen, Switzerland
All my friends who asked me about the Schengen Visa , I recommend brainless to apply for France , Especially friends who plan to travel to Schengen country many times , Even if you buy a ticket to France to enter the Schengen area, it's worth it .
First of all, the French visa is fast , It's called 48 Hours to sign out ; Secondly, the validity of the visa is generous , It's not like Germany and other countries blocking your trip to , French visa is generally applied for more than three months for the first time ( There are even cases that are given more than a year for the first time ), The second application is for more than one year , The third visa renewal can get more than five years ; Finally, there are many French visa centers , It's convenient to apply .
picture source : The official website of the French visa center
Most people need to go to the visa center to apply for the French Schengen visa , Press your collar area from 15 Choose the most convenient Visa Center . Search the French visa website to find , For example, the following is Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Chengdu 、 wuhan 、 Outside Shenyang , The website of the new visa center :
The home page of the French visa center in Beijing :
You just need to register an account on the website , Choose the visa type ( Short term tourist visa ), The list of materials to be prepared can be obtained as follows ( Please refer to the website of the visa center for the specific format ):
Other supporting materials shall be prepared according to your personal situation ( If you are a minor, you need more materials , Please refer to the visa center website )
As far as I know , For the unemployed , In fact, you only need to provide proof of deposit 、 Credit card and other materials that can prove that you have the financial strength to pay for the trip are also enough .
Then you need to make an appointment on the website ( Within three months before the scheduled departure date ) Go to the visa center to submit materials 、 Take fingerprints . The visa center will help with the pre-trial materials , After they pass, you wait for the notice to withdraw your passport and get your visa . commonly 48 Hours to sign out , Several times in three months, I started with Schengen, France ~~

embassy / Consulate face to face

Most people may not know that in fact, tourist visas can also go to the Embassy / The consulate signed it face-to-face , I actually learned it by accident . Then I have never applied for French visa in the domestic Visa Center ( In Saudi Arabia, applying for French visa is through the visa center , Because the embassy is in another city , Very inconvenient ).
Appointment method : Call the hotline of the visa center , Ask them to book an embassy for you / The consulate can sign in person .
The benefits of face-to-face signing are :1, Be able to communicate with the visa officer ( Can Chinese ), Express the appeal of multiple visas a year ;2, Applicants with special status can be exempted from the difficulties of the visa center ;3, You can save more than 200 yuan of visa service fee , Just pay 60 euro ( Equivalent RMB cash ).
I talked to some visa officers , They said that in fact, everyone is welcome to the Embassy / The consulate applies for a visa .
However, only one hand can count the number of places for face-to-face signing every day , Although I last made an appointment from 4:00 p.m. on the first day to 10:00 a.m. the next day , But I expect that after this article is published , The number of people signing face-to-face will increase . Schengen visa can be applied for within three months before departure , If you want to sign in person, you'd better make an appointment a little in advance .

The second step : Schengen signed many times a year

After the first visa expires , Then go to Europe , I suggest you continue to apply for a French visa , Application process 、 The required materials are the same as the first time , Only need to provide additional 《 Declaration of multiple round trip visa applications for one to five years 》( It can be downloaded from the visa center website ):

Enter other Schengen countries with a legal visa

According to the requirements selected by the visa applicant country , In this case, if you are cross examined by the frontier inspection personnel , You just need to prove that France is your longest stay country .
How to prove ? For example, the plane from Frankfurt to France or land transportation ; For example, hotel reservations in France 、 Travel reservation , wait .
What you see on the news, such as the estimation that you were refused entry at Frankfurt Airport with a legal visa, is mostly due to the insufficient preparation of relevant supporting materials .
Although the physical body has been activated many times a year ( Thus, it will be updated to multiple legal signatures in five years ) You don't have to enter France for the first time , But personally, I suggest to enter France for the sake of insurance . After the second time, any Schengen country can enter .

matters needing attention

In theory, you can apply for a French visa instead of going to France , But this is actually a sign fraud , It's not recommended that you do this . France is still worth visiting many times , A friend of mine can visit the Louvre alone for a week :)  And Paris chop hands to buy 、 Disney 、 Lavender in Provence 、 Walking around Mont Blanc 、 The blue coast of South France 、 Tour de France and so on …
Cheating may have sequelae , For example, the experience of a netizen on Weibo :
The embassy replied to him :
The embassy is still very kind , Granted a visa . In fact, if you refuse a visa , There's nothing to say .

The third step : The Schengen law has been signed many times in five years

Before the expiration of multiple visas in one year 3 Apply for renewal within months or within one year after expiration .
The materials used to be very simple :
But from 2018 year 12 Month begins , The material is also tightened , You need to provide the same materials as when you first applied .
But the French visa is still the easiest to get more than five years , Still brainless ~
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