Qingdao high self-worth restaurant recommends couples to date. Look here!

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As long as enough love , Every day is Valentine's day
Next, Xiaobian will recommend some romantic restaurants with high beauty in Island City
Let you   Their sweetness up up

Remember to mention Make an appointment before ~

Top.1 Hua'er Hutong Music tavern

Colorful decorative style , Delicate green plants are interspersed , Brick red wall with warm yellow light , Stay here , It's like entering by mistake
Alice in Wonderland , Retro and romantic .
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Life can be very artistic , Food can also be very artistic .
Cherry foie gras 、 Lemonade fish 、 African potato girl , And the picturesque passion fruit yellow tone , With a romantic Mojito
, Absolutely set off the mood !
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Flowers look half , Slightly drunk .
Blue friends who can sing , You can dedicate a song to her , It must surprise her !
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Top.2 Qingdao walnut Lane

In the brightly lit Olympic Sailing Center , There is such a romantic and literary meal — In the walnut .
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Elegant decorative style 、 A faint flickering light 、 With soothing music and mellow wine , In such a comfortable atmosphere , Put down the fatigue of life , Forget all the troubles , Just enjoy their romantic time .
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If the man who wants to propose , Xiaobian suggested that you can come to walnut ! In such a romantic place , I think , No girl will refuse !
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Top.3 Qingdao meets Milan

Located in the courtyard of the villa in Badaguan scenic area, it is a high-value molecular restaurant , It's perfect for couples to go together !
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A hundred years of wandering here , It is the love palace of lovers , There is a romantic charm everywhere .
It is said that lovers who join hands here , Will love for a hundred years !
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Xiaobian especially likes to eat the deep-sea prawns with crispy fruit and wind sand cooking juice carefully developed here , Shrimp meat is fresh and tender , Slowly and carefully chew, it is refreshing and graceful taste .
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And glazed walnut mousse tomato , It's so cute , entrance Q play , Completely reluctant to eat !

Top.4 Meat and Korean cuisine

Eat barbecue and enjoy the invincible sea view ? Such an excellent gourmet restaurant , It's absolutely right to bring her !
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Tips: If you want to sit by the window, you must make an appointment in advance !
| The little red book Egg, Nell
You don't have to do it yourself to eat barbecue here , Service staff will help bake . Watching the meat sizzle and oil on the roasting plate , The sweet happiness between the two also rises together !

Top.5 The wind blew across the kitchen

What about? ? Listen to the name is not very feeling ~ It's very suitable for her with literary style !
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The decoration style here is completely different from that of a hot pot shop , Warm and comfortable , Come here for dinner , It feels like the shopkeeper is “ of one's own unit ” Entertain guests in general , Kind and warm .
| The little red book YAO
The fresh, sweet and light Khumbu soup hot pot is the characteristic here , Rice with white sauce and wild mushrooms with strong milk flavor must also be ordered .

Top.6 The Moment

This is a French western restaurant with beauty and delicacy , There are super beautiful sea views during the day , At night, you can see the shock light show of May 4th Square , Super romantic atmosphere !
Of course, the dishes here are also very amazing , Exquisite swing plate , Bring sensory enjoyment , The ceremony is full !
Be sure to order a robertine for her beloved ,5 Cocktails only in lipstick containers , It's so emotional !
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So many romantic restaurants
Which one would you take her to ?
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