Seamless connection to Macao, Hengqin Island, which is beautiful beyond the sky, is on fire again

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To Hengqin , Look at Macao . Whenever the sea breeze blows , I don't know how many tourists have stopped at the seaside corridor , Focus on the bright Australia with bright lights on the other side . Through the serenity , Through the clouds and under the moon , The beauty of yehengqin starts from here .

01· Wan Chai integration area : Overlooking the lights of Macao in the East , The west view is full of traffic

On the Bank of Dawan District , Hengqin night is the most gorgeous .
—— Look East , Great beauty Macau , The water is sparkling , The lights are flashing .
—— View west , Charm Hengqin , Heavy traffic on the street 、 The crowd is flowing .
From the Wanchai integrated area to the north of Modaomen, you can see the cross gate business district and the lights of Macao
  Wan Chai integration area
Viewing address : Cross Gate Avenue in Hengqin new area starts from the north of the junction of Qinhai East Road
Transportation :1、 Drive to ;
                    2、 ride 14 road /89 road /K10 road /Z52 All the way to 「 International Convention and Exhibition Center 」 Bus stop , Walk 10 minute  

02· Hengqin financial island : Majestic first show , Show clearly “ Financial aristocracy ” breath

Stand at the tuyere of the new opportunity for the development of Dawan district , The tall buildings on Hengqin financial Island were pulled up from the ground , The skyline gradually appears , The trend of vigorous growth , There for all to see .
Hengqin financial island · Nightscape
As a place of hope for the future of the Bay Area , Hengqin financial island at night , The double dislocation feeling of space and vision is formed against the background of light and shadow , Let the modern atmosphere of Hengqin financial Island come .
Taken from the auxiliary line of Lovers Road on the left , Right at Hengqin passenger terminal
Bridge water is sent to ships , Lights shine on me on both sides .
The dark night opened the prosperous corner of qinao two cities , Dreamy, the most charming , Let people hold endless reverie and hope .
Hengqin financial island
Viewing address : Southeast of the intersection of Hengqin Baoxing road and Haihe street 100 rice
Transportation :1、 Drive to ;
                    2、 ride Z51 arrive 「 Hengqin north railway station 」 Walk to the bus stop 3 minute

03· Hengqin port : Qinaoxin business card , Bloom infinite splendor

Even though it is only one road away from the beautiful Lijun pangdu square , The newly opened Hengqin port is not at all ready to admit defeat , The atmosphere of mountain sea fusion also attracted special attention in this night .
Lamp to “ Pulse ” To inherit . Both sides of the passage are like special landscape lights with lotus flowers in full bloom , Elegant and simple , It reveals that Hengqin is relaxed 、 Romantic regional characteristics .
In the night , This is in full bloom “ flower ” Surrounded by the vigorous state of Hengqin port , Both beautiful and festive posture , It also conveys the meaning of welcoming guests .
Hengqin port
Viewing address : Hengqin Huandao East Road
Transportation : ride 14 road /89 road /K10 road /Z52 All the way to 「 Urban rail Hengqin station 」 Bus stop  

04· Lijun pangdu square : Inadvertently , Break into the magnificent castle

When you think Lijun pangdu Square during the day is like a movie 《 Roman holiday 》, It's beautiful enough ?
What you don't know is , At night, Lijun pangdu square , The retro European architecture exudes more charming style , It's no different from the night view of Macao . You bet , This artistic comprehensive commercial plaza joined by many Macao enterprises , It is the first Portuguese square on Hengqin Island .
The soft warm lights outline the magnificent architecture , Shining in the dark . The magnificent castle exudes characteristic light and shadow , As if waving , People can't help watching one or two .
Intoxicated in light and shadow , In time, pure , Let's immerse ourselves in the fantastic light year of Lijun pangdu square .
Lijun pangdu square
Viewing address : Hengqin qinzheng road 38 Number ( Across from Hengqin port )
Transportation : ride 14 road /89 road /K10 road /Z52 All the way to 「 Urban rail Hengqin station 」 Bus stop , Walk 3 minute

05· Hengqin passenger terminal : Facing Macao , Feel the charming night with your eyes

Hengqin wharf during the day , People come and go in a hurry ; When the afterglow of the sunset falls , The light on the other side is on , The brilliance of Macao and the beauty of Hengqin Island are intertwined .
There is a cool wind , Standing high and looking at the busy road , The line of sight passes through the strange lights ;
Humming a tune , Walk out of your... On the corridor free, Relax under the night sky of qinao .
Hengqin passenger terminal
Viewing address : Southeast of the intersection of Hengqin Baoxing road and Haihe street 100 rice
Transportation : ride K10 road /K11 road /86 road /14 road /826-3 All the way to 「 Hengqin passenger terminal 」 Bus stop , Walk 1 minute
Hengqin bridge at 10 pm , Heavy traffic on the street , Neon flashes
Chic night scenery is attractive , 11. Make an appointment with friends , Take the one you love , Let's go and feel the beauty of Hengqin night .
a good night , The traffic flow shuttling across the Hengqin bridge has come to an end . Good night, , Hengqin .
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