Where to play in Lianyungang? These must punch attractions are worth visiting

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lianyungang , Old name “ Haizhou ”. Different from the popular scenic spots in tourist cities 、 High-rise buildings , Today, Lianyungang is still slow and orderly 、 A slow pace of life .
The scenic spots of Lianyungang are mostly concentrated in Lianyun District and Haizhou District , Its distribution is shown in the figure
Beautiful mountain scenery and sea of clouds 、 The old style architecture of the Republic of China 、 Simple folk customs and human feelings , Visit Lianyungang today , Outside the natural scenery , If you have a heart , Fine taste, slow smack , You can feel a lot of humanistic beauty .

lovely scenes

Huaguoshan | Pilgrimage to the West's holy land tour

Suggested stay time :1  God

“ There is a land overseas , It's called Aolai country . The country is near the sea , There is a famous mountain in the sea , It is called Huaguo Mountain ……”

《 Journey to the west 》 What is said in “ Huaguoshan ”, It is the largest punch in place in Hong Kong City today —— Huaguo Mountain scenic spot . It has a long history , Not only is “ Sun monkey's real hometown ”, Also known as the “ The first scenic spot in the East China Sea ”.
chart : Huaguoshan . by lilith991 Sangsang
chart : Ternary palace . by lilith991 Sangsang
Visit Huaguo Mountain , It's like rereading a movie 《 Journey to the west 》. Thousands of years of ancient buildings 、 Ancient stone carvings 、 The whereabouts and handwriting of literati are all over it . ad locum , You can appreciate the ancient cultural landscape , Feel the profound cultural heritage . If you can visit carefully , Between a stroke and a painting , You can also experience the soul of the craftsman who pursued the perfection of the ancients .
chart : Yunv peak . by lilith991 Sangsang
chart : Yunv peak . by lilith991 Sangsang
ad locum , You can set foot on the highest peak in the province —— Yunv peak , Overlooking a sea of clouds and beaches , Enjoy the spectacular sunrise ; ad locum , You can also see hundreds of macaques , Live in peace .
chart : macaque . by lilith991 Sangsang
The monkeys in the scenic area are wild , When playing, don't tease macaques at will . Take care to protect yourself , Especially the water and food you take with you must be hidden , Otherwise, it is likely to be robbed by monkeys .
It is recommended to punch in : Waterfall cave 、 Ternary palace 、 Seventy two holes 、 Huaguoshan stone 、 Great Holy Buddha 、 Yunv peak
Address of the scenic spot : Yulin Road, Haizhou District 5 Number
Open time :07:00-18:30 ( Sell ticket :07:00-17:30)
Cableway fares : Take cableway , Lower Kowloon Bridge , To the water curtain cave , Up to Yunv peak , The ticket prices are 25 element ( Kowloon Bridge — Waterfall cave 、 Waterfall cave — Yunv peak )、35 element ( Kowloon Bridge — Yunv peak )
Sightseeing bus fare : You can also visit by car , The fare 10 element ( The mountain gate — Kowloon Bridge )、20 element ( The mountain gate — Yunv peak )、15 element ( The mountain gate — Ternary palace )
Accommodation : If you choose to live in the scenic spot , Hotels and B & B have their own advantages . If you want to live in the scenic spot, it is convenient to go up the mountain , Home stay may be more appropriate , Not only can you see the sunrise and sunset , When the weather is good , And watch the stars .

Yuwan | It's sunny after the rain, and the artistic conception is deep

Suggested stay time :1  God

Yuwan scenic spot located at the south foot of Yuntai Mountain , Like a hidden paradise in Lianyungang , What's more Zhangjiajie in Jiangsu The reputation of .
chart : Fish Bay . by Coffee blue
The mountain streams and valleys here are deep , Four seasons waterfalls soar in the air . After the light rain , Go to play with the water to cool off , Don't have a cool wild interest .

It is recommended to punch in : Hidden Dragon Cave 、 Nine hole bridge 、 Sanlongtan
Open time :6:30~20:00
Address : Yuwan village, Yuntai Township, Yuntai district
tickets :40 element

Yuntai Mountain on the sea | It is famous for the scenery of mountains and seas

Suggested stay time :2 Hours

If you ask people in Hong Kong City , Only recommend one place worth going , Maybe many people will give the same answer —— Yuntai Mountain on the sea .

Compared with the hot spots , There are not many tourists on Haishan Yuntai Mountain . The mountain and sea win here , If you want to climb high and look far , Yuntai Mountain is definitely a good choice . Take the shuttle bus , Walk through the magnificent Buddhist resort , Enjoy the moving scenery all the way .
chart : Mountain scenery . by Cookie Big cookies
chart : Faqi temple . by Cookie Big cookies
But the most amazing , Or the ultimate view of the top of the mountain . Set aside clouds and mist , You can have a panoramic view of the great scenery of the port : Tall buildings like building blocks , The boundless sea , Shuttling ships of all sizes . Between mountains and seas , Before you can feel the unique temperament of this city .
chart : The scenery at the top of the mountain . by LeilaYuen
Address : Haihai Yuntai Mountain, Sucheng Township, Lianyun District  
tickets :60 element
Open time :08:30-17:30
Recommended route : First visit , It is suggested to start from the Sucheng side of Yuntai Mountain on the sea , Take the shuttle bus to the scenic spot , First go to Faqi temple in the middle of the mountain and feel the magnificent Buddhist resort , Then take the bus around the hillside 7 Kilometers of winding mountain highway directly to the top of the mountain .
1. Look at the weather forecast ahead of time , Sometimes it's foggy , Can't see the good scenery
2. If you are afraid of being tired, you can sit and watch the light car , It takes about  2  Hours
3. It's windy on the mountain , The temperature is low in the morning , Watch the sunrise and remember to bring more clothes to keep warm

Liandao | The sea is long and the sky is one color

Suggested stay time :1 God

With its beautiful sea view, it was once selected in the National “ Ten beautiful islands ” The island of , It can be said that it is the first stop for many people to punch in Lianyungang island .
chart : Liandao . by Cookie Big cookies
chart : Liandao . by Cookie Big cookies
chart : Liandao . by Cookie Big cookies
Blue Bay 、 Soft sand 、 The reef of the beach 、 Antique century old architecture , There seems to be both the forthright and generous character of northerners here , There is no lack of delicacy and gentleness in the bones of southerners . Whether it's Dasha bay or Suma Bay , Or follow the waves , Or lie on the beach , Are particularly comfortable .

Recommended route : Dashawan → Peacock circle → Suma Bay , It is recommended to walk from dashawan along the seaside plank road to Peacock Garden , See the sea view all the way , From the Peacock Garden, you can take the light bus to Suma Bay ( The walking distance is about 40 minute )
Address : Big intersection of Liandao street, Lianyun District
tickets :50 element , Sightseeing car 25 element

Old streets, old alleys

Lianyun old street | Authentic pyrotechnic gas

Suggested stay time : Half day

Today's Lianyungang old street , It is also what we often call Lianyun ancient town .

The old street is built along the mountain , The early architecture of the Republic of China is preserved in its original flavor . These buildings are mostly made of local materials , Mainly large stones , Although there is no blue brick and black tile in Jiangnan Water Town “ delicate ”, But it has the rough beauty of people in the fishing village .
chart : Lianyungang old street . by Cookie Big cookies
chart : Lianyungang old street . by Cookie Big cookies
chart : Lianyungang old street . by Cookie Big cookies
The reason why the old street is precious , Not only because of its long history , But also because of the charm of the market retained so far . A quiet and leisurely afternoon , Take a slow walk in the old street , The sun shines all over the ground , In the corner of the street 、 In the mottled wall , You'll find that : Years flow and change , Only that strong and simple life and human feelings , Never go far .

Address : Shengli Road, Lianyun District 115 Number
It is recommended to punch in : Shanghai Hotel 、 Lianyun railway station 、 The people's Grand Theater 、 Big travel agency 、 Fruit city
These are on “ Age ” The building of the , It's very suitable for taking retro photos .

Minzhu Road culture street | Little Shanghai in Northern Jiangsu

Suggested stay time :3  Hours

Located in the old street of Minzhu Road, Haizhou District , It rose at the beginning of last century , It is the Pioneer Area of modern economic development of the port city , It is also one of the streets with the most concentrated buildings in the port city of the Republic of China .
chart : Minzhu Road culture street . by LeilaYuen
chart : Minzhu Road culture street . by LeilaYuen
chart : Minzhu Road culture street . by LeilaYuen
Walking on the road of democracy , It's like going back to a classic old movie : All kinds of old-fashioned buildings in the period of the Republic of China 、 Many hundred year old shops 、 There are many second-hand bookstores , Most of the contacts are older locals .

If available , You might as well go to the market at the weekend , All that came to my face was the bustling atmosphere of life .

It is recommended to punch in : Gongda firm 、 Deping Bookstore 、 Shengqinggong tea house 、 Sanxinghe drugstore
Address : Minzhu Middle Road, Haizhou District 139 Number

Look for the ancient and explore the secluded

Lianyungang Museum | Three dimensional encyclopedia

Suggested stay time :2 Hours

In many people's hearts , The museum is the best window to understand the cultural features of a city .

Come to Lianyungang to understand the culture of the Westward Journey , Let's start with the Museum . In the Xiyou Cultural Center , You will see Statue of sun Dasheng 、 Journey to the West Clothing Bureau, etc , Revisit the classics .
chart : Lianyungang Museum by LeilaYuen
chart : Huang Yu holds a pig in the Han Dynasty . by LeilaYuen
chart : Ling Huiping displays . by LeilaYuen
chart : Journey to the West cultural exhibition . by LeilaYuen
in addition , There is also a display of Huangyu holding pigs in the Han Dynasty 、 Ming longniu, jiudiewen, copper seals and other cultural relics . These exhibits comprehensively show the local conditions and customs of the Han Dynasty in Haizhou area , Take a walk in it , Can touch the mark of history .

Address : Chaoyang East Road, Haizhou District 68 Number
tickets : free
Open time :9:00-17:00, Closed on Monday

Haizhou ancient city | Living in the old city block

Suggested stay time :2 Hours

lianyungang , Formerly known as ” Haizhou “, The ancient city of Haizhou is the source of the port city . This is not a so-called commercial attraction , But a part of the daily life of local people . therefore , There is no bustling tourism style elsewhere , But precipitated more cultural customs of the market .
chart : Haizhou ancient city .
chart : Haizhou ancient city .
chart :
This place is called “ Confucius Temple in Northern Jiangsu ”. Walking on the streets of Haizhou ancient city , painted beams and carved pillars , Step by step , kef . If you want to feel the most lively ancient city of Haizhou , You can also come to the BaiHushan temple fair on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month , Feel a lively .

It is recommended to punch in : Linhongmen tower 、 Bell tower 、 Xie Jiayang house 、 Kong Xiang 、 Shuanglongjing garden tour 、 Middle street 、 Guanmiao Lane ( Haizhou people's breakfast Street )
Address : Middle street, Haizhou District 61 Number
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