Russia shopping strategy ~ visit guide to European mall in Moscow

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Half a month to go , I will embark on the journey of fighting the nation for the second time , This is to take the group to the largest city in the Arctic Circle ~ Murmansk , Prepare to meet the Nordic goddess ~ Onora has a date !
Speaking of Russian travel , I have to say that the capital Moscow , When it comes to Moscow, you must not miss shopping in this international metropolis , When it comes to shopping , In addition to goom department store , I highly recommend a large shopping mall — Moscow European Mall !

brief introduction

European mall is one of the largest shopping centers in Moscow , It is also a big shopping mall that Russian locals like to visit very much , There are... On the ground of the European mall 4 layer , Underground 2 layer . There are European brand clothing 、 Footwear and cosmetics stores , Sports brand , A casual and fashionable brand , High end , Low end , have everything that one expects to find ,4 There is a food street in the building :Le pain Quotidien、Starbucks、Грали、Академия、шоколадница Wait for simple meal coffee shop and food street to have a meal and rest . There's a... on the ground floor Перекрсток The supermarket , You can buy special local products only in Russia !
Connecting different storefront corridors 5 Each atrium is named after the capital of European countries : Moscow 、 In Paris, 、 The Roman 、 Berlin and London . exceed 500 A well-known brand counter : from BCBG、BILANCIONI、TRU TRUSSARDI  Wait for the designer brand to arrive ADIDAS、REEBOK、ZARA And other young popular brands .

The name of the mall

European mall  
Торговый центр Европейский

Business Hours

10:00 - 22:00


Kiev Railway Station Square 2 Number (площадь Киевского Вокзала


Take the subway at Kiev station (Киевская) Get off the bus

Introduction to the mall

The first floor is mainly a shoe shop , Cosmetics shop , Leather goods , And watch shops ~~ Among them is 2 The things in this Russian cosmetics chain are not bad , Similar to Sasa in Hong Kong , Sell some international famous cosmetics , In addition, there are Russian local brands , About a turn , L'Oreal series is very cheap , The price is even lower than that of duty-free shops in Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok , In addition, some suits of Estee Lauder series are quite good ( But you need VIP Card can be discounted ), In addition, many perfume are fairly priced ~~ I bought a lot in it , Finally, the cashier gave me a card VIP card , This card has no time limit, as if , Next time, if you're going to Moscow , You can continue to buy , ha-ha ~~
The cosmetics inside are often discounted
Estee Lauder is not expensive
L'Oreal is cheaper than Turkey
A ticket was made at the scene VIP Golden Card , Attracted a lot of jealousy from the girls in the circle , Because not every guest will send this card , Actually, I didn't buy much, ha ha , Proud face
Beautiful cabinet sister , It doesn't seem that the waiters in some shopping malls have been promoting all kinds of products , Because I can't speak Russian , She can speak a little English , So I will communicate with her with a mobile translator and ask about , Then I sent the video to my circle of friends , Everyone said she was so beautiful , I told her friends that she was a beautiful woman , She was so happy ! The little sister of Russia is still very cute and said ~
In addition, the store manager gave me some perfume samples ~ ha-ha , See if I'm too cute
This is another cosmetics Mall , It seems that it's not as cheap as the one I bought before , And it seemed like VIP Membership , I don't know what's going on now !
There are many shoe stores on the first floor , The quality looks good , But the price is not cheap ~~
The clock shop on the first floor , There are many big brands , There was not much price comparison at that time , Continue to stroll this month !
The second floor is mainly the exclusive store of men's and women's clothing brands , Not many first-line brands , Mainly some three lines are
Master , Include BCBG、BILANCIONI、TRU TRUSSARDI, as well as ADIDAS、REEBOK、ZARA Brands such as ~~ But on the second floor ADIDAS Almost all the new models sold , So the price is relatively high , Old money , You need to go to an outside store or store to get a discount ~~
Reeves went in and took a look , The price is not cheaper than the Philippines , ha-ha ~~

The design of the shopping mall is very exquisite , It is said that Russian shopping malls make more money than Europe , Is it because there are so many local tyrants here, or are the local people especially willing to dress up themselves ? Hee hee ~~
The design in the mall is very modern , I like , This is the atrium on the first floor , There is a western restaurant , You can come here for a cup of coffee when you are tired , Have something to eat , Next to the transparent elevator, go directly to the second or third floor ~~
There is the flagship store of Adidas, which is the favorite store of mosquito sister , It's all the latest , The price is much more beautiful than that in China
Besides shopping , The entertainment facilities in the mall are also equipped ,3 There is also a cinema on the second floor , Sister mosquito is a movie fan , Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time last time , Sobbing , How I want to sit down and enjoy a wonderful Russian film ~~ So I have to see another one this time , ha-ha !
At that time, I went to the ticket office to see the movie ticket price , From the afternoon 300 Doruble to midnight 200 Doruble (20-30 More RMB ) Don't be too cheap , In addition, the design of this shopping mall has a sense of the times , Compared with the luxury style of goom department store , It's like a palace lady and a walking T The difference between modern girls in Taiwan ~~~
3 Another area out of the cinema on the first floor , It's a children's toy , And gift shops selling stationery and toys , In the middle is the counter selling ice cream and handmade chocolate , Well, Russians like dessert very much ~~
There are also some gift shops and so on
Another one buys coffee , Tea gift shop , The gift box at the door is very exquisite and says , I used to think that fighting nations like to drink coffee , It took a week on the Siberian train to know , They prefer tea , Especially bag brewing black tea , ha-ha ~~
The supermarket on the lower ground floor can buy all kinds of Russian local products , The price is good , There are many varieties , If you want to buy a letter, just come here ~~~
There are so-called black gold in the supermarket , Caviar for black sturgeon ,
Very expensive ,1 Small box 2-3000 RMB
In the middle of the lower ground floor 1 A counter selling Dolls , But the price is not cheap , Considering that I have bought some in Russia before , So I'm too lazy to buy ~~


1  European shopping malls have a lot of blue ATM But UnionPay withdrawals , There is one ATM On the side ВТБ Bank , Next to the hand lift , Very convenient !

2  Things in European malls are cheaper than goom , Suitable for buying some Russian local cosmetics or clothing !

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