How beautiful Gansu is! You'll know when you come!

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Shakespeare said :
A thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand spectators .
It's the same with travel ,
Same place ,
Different people have different travel experiences ,
Someone will come back when they go , Someone went and never came again ,
As for the scenery of Gansu
That's even more so !
Where have you been in Gansu ?
What scenery have you seen ?
Mogao Grottoes ? Mingsha Mountain · Crescent Spring ?
Jiayuguan pass city ? Zagna ? Guan'e ditch ?
however , If you think so, you've been to Gansu
that ,
I'm sorry , You may have gone to a fake Gansu
because ......

You may have missed too many colors

such as , Blue clearer than the sky

Liujiaxia on the Yellow River

such as , More romantic pink than girlish heart

Tianshui Qinan Peach Blossom
such as , Gold that is brighter than the sun

The rape of the people's capital of Zhangle
such as , Grassland wider than heaven and earth

Gannan grassland
such as , A red hotter than a flame

Quinoa planting base in Dongzhai Town, Jinchang city
such as , Than 《 The ring 》 The Middle Earth world is also a fantastic world

Silver Yellow River Stone Forest
When however , There are more colorful colors than God's palette

Zhangye colorful Danxia
Gansu has so many colors ,
If you miss it ,
You may have gone to a “ Fake Gansu ” Well !
You may have missed too many mysteries
Gansu is the most diverse and comprehensive Province in China
Different kinds of natural scenery
A variety of animals and plants are gathered here
All kinds of history 、 Culture 、 nation 、 religious
They all meet here 、 The fusion
And the more diverse, the more beautiful
Gansu in the shape of Ruyi is too long
From south to North , stride across 10 Latitude ,530 km
From east to West , stride across 16 Longitude ,1659 km
China 5 There are two types of climate ,
It takes up 4 Kind of .
In Gansu , In addition to the ocean and reef landscape ,
Various natural landscapes in China , You can see
There is already “ Lonely smoke straight in the desert , Long river falling yen ”
Also have “ Under a small bridge near a cottage a stream flows ”
There is a fairyland in the world, zhagana
There is also the quiet and profound devil city of Yadan
There are snow mountains and glaciers
There are also Gobi grasslands
Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes
Ten Thousand Buddhas become caves
The mural tells a true history
Mingsha Mountain · Crescent Spring
Mingsha mountain is pleasant , Crescent Spring washes the heart
Sound of sand , Camel Bells interweave into the most beautiful melody
A touch of green in the vast sand sea , Blue waves
“ Never fill a spring with sand , The spring does not run dry ”
Devil city
Wind hunting , Make the drizzle like a sword
Split 、 restore , Castles are full of magic
Persuade you to drink more , Out of Yangguan in the West
Yumen pass
Why do Qiang flutes complain about willows , The spring wind does not pass the Yumen pass
The westernmost end of the Great Wall
Qilian Mountains
“ Qilian ”, Mongolian ,“ Tianshan mountains ” The meaning of
Because of Qilian , There is Hexi corridor
Wushao mountain directly touches the sky , It is the boundary between Hexi Corridor and Loess Plateau
It also separates semi-arid areas from arid areas
Colorful Danxia

  Binggou Danxia

Zhang   Tuck
Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon

Kangle grassland

Shandan military horse farm
The Loess Plateau
Ravines crisscross
It's all the wind of nature 、 The miracle of water
Distribution range of Loess Plateau
There are thousands of broken gullies
There are also ten thousand hectares of terraced fields on the eastern Gansu Plateau
Aerial photography of Zhuanglang terrace
Tianshui Wushan rape flower
PULL Buling temple
Don't go to Tibet ,
You can also feel the strong atmosphere of Tibetan Buddhism here
Lamas everywhere
Devout believers
Sangke grassland
The boundary river between Gansu and Sichuan
Gansu is in the West , To the East is Sichuan

Guan'e ditch
Guan'e ditch
The forest is thick , And giant pandas 、 Golden monkey and other wild animals and plants !
Tianshui Maiji Mountain
Kongtong mountain in Pingliang
Less than Gansu ,
Don't understand the mystery of Gansu ,
The journey of enjoying only the scenery of Gansu desert is full of regret , It's monotonous .
gansu , A collection of desert scenery 、 Lakes and mountains 、 A place with vast grasslands ,
Come over ,
You won't forget .
While the time is right ,
Arrange a walk away trip ,
Start by train ,
Go and see the magical landscape of Gansu !
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