360 ° play around Xiamen - stroll through the city alleys with flowers in all seasons

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Xiamen , An island growing in my heart

Xiamen is also known as Lu Island , A charming sea garden . The city is at sea , The sea is in the city , Constitute the overall style of Xiamen . island 、 reef 、 Rock 、 Temple 、 flowers 、 Wood gods show each other , The hometown of overseas Chinese 、 Fujian and Taiwan Customs 、 Seaside food 、 Exotic architecture inosculate as a whole , The climate is like spring all the year round Add to the charm of the sea , It is a charming seaside tourist city .

Xiamen must play online red scenic spot

1. Gulangyu island

Formerly known as round sand bar , Due to the sea erosion cave in the southwest of the sea, it is impacted by the wave , The sound is like beating a drum . Buildings with different styles at home and abroad are well preserved here , Yes “ World Architecture Expo ” Known as the . The island Piano has the highest density in the country , It is also a pole Romantic The island of , It's romantic , It's you holding milk tea , Walking on the street , Meet a cat and dog , Big and small hands held on the beach against the spring breeze , Over the years, it has attracted many people to see the sea 、 Love the sea 、 Travelers who pursue life style come here with admiration .
【 On kulangsu , Throw away the hustle and bustle of the city , You just have to eat delicious food , Walking along the scattered ancient forest paths , Look for the old house on the island , Go to a small shop on the street to collect stamps , Enjoy a happy time without constraints 】
【 Must punch in scenic spots on the island
  Sunlight rock : The highest point of Gulangyu Island , Watch the sunrise at the peak , At the top of the sun rock Overlooking the whole Gulangyu Island .
  Shuzhuang Garden : It was originally a private villa of local gentry . The garden is on the sea , The sea is in the garden , The courtyard is exquisite and elegant , It is the most famous garden in Xiamen .
  Organ Museum : at present The only one in China 、 The world's largest organ Museum , Musical instrument lovers must go to !
  Piano Museum : There are more than 70 clavichords in the Museum , The curator in the library will play the piano on site every day .
  bathing beach : On the wide beach behind Aberdeen , The sand is fine and soft 、 The slope is gentle and the waves are flat 、 The water is clear , The best place to punch in and take photos at the seaside .
  Yuyuan : In memory of the founder of modern obstetrics and Gynecology medicine in China  --  The garden built by Dr. Lin Qiaozhi .
  Longtou Road : Gulangyu island The most prosperous food center , The famous Tiktok online shop Zhang Sanfeng milk tea 、 Turkish ice cream, etc All located here .
  Reverse the Museum : What is the experience of turning your room upside down ? Take children to play. Don't miss places !
  Haitian hall structure : One of the ten villas on Gulangyu Island , It's on the island Only according to the symmetrical layout of the central axis Villa complex , It's worth seeing. !

2. Xiamen University

Xiamen University is known as “ The most beautiful university in China ”, The campus is shaded with trees , Whether walking or reading under a tree is a pleasant enjoyment , It is full of rich coastal customs everywhere , Once in school , Coconut trees stand , Classical architecture is elegant and atmospheric . The details and temperament of the University add color to this beautiful scenery .
【 Embrace happiness in a campus full of books and beautiful scenery , Or walk around the playground in the twilight , Or freeze frame memory by Furong Lake , Or walk through a tunnel full of laughter and graffiti with your friends , No matter how we meet , Happiness is never absent 】
【 Xiamen University must punch in scenic spots
  Furong Lake : Xiamen University has a lake , Its name is hibiscus . Hibiscus , Come out of mud without dyeing . And this lotus lake , It is the source of the spirit show of Xiamen , So I chant with words .
  Songen building : Songen building group is the most magnificent building group of Xiamen University at present , Climbing to the top can 360° Panoramic view of Xiamen University .
  Baicheng beach Baicheng school gate in the east of Xiamen University , Just walk across the overpass . Many tourists like to walk and swim here , It's very beautiful when the sun sets . There are many interesting sights waiting for you to explore ~
  Furong Tunnel : It's China The longest 、 The most artistic graffiti Tunnel , One of the main attractions of Xiamen University , It attracts countless tourists to visit here and punch in , Famous Raven “ I love you! , bye ” From here .
  reminder : To visit Xiamen University, you need to pass “U Xiamen University ” Make an appointment through wechat official account , You can't visit the school without making an appointment .

3. Once adjacent An

Zengcuolong is located on Xiamen Huandao Road , It's Xiamen The most perfect and only original ecological fishing village , There are many families here 、 Youth inn 、 An emotional coffee shop 、 Dinner bar 、 Personalized shops gather here , From here, you can walk to the seaside beach beside the roundabout road , It only takes a few minutes , Walking to Xiamen University is only a few stops . It can be said that zengcuolong is one of the most beautiful places in Xiamen at present .
【 Collect sunlight 、 music 、 Dream of heaven , In Haizi's poems “ Feed horses and chop firewood , Travel around the world ” My life has been brought into full play here . perhaps , You can say you've never seen such a life , But if you go to zengcuolong , Just know that this is not an exaggeration 】
【 Seven things you must do when you come to zengcuolong
  To Seaside plank road Stroll .
  Take a picture at the entrance of the village , Whether it's the memorial archway across the street or the stone carvings of Zeng CuO long , It's all about recording your visit China's most artistic fishing village The best way .
  Visit the village history museum 、 Fishing village time space 、 Mintai Street Church 、 Fishing village cultural center 、 East West courtyard , Understand the past and present life of Zeng cuolong .
  Step into the Church , Feel the love of brothers and sisters .
  Walk into a small bar at night , Experience All kinds of Customs of the fishing village .
  eat Eat seafood stalls , The freshest seafood sauce has a different taste .
  Buy a new village residence booklet or a hand-painted map , In zengcuolong cultural and Creative Center 、 Fujian Taiwan Cultural Center 、 New village people's post station Stamped certification , Become the of zengcuolong “ Artistic young people ”. You can also go to the History Museum of zengcuolong village DIY Your commemorative copper coin .

4. Nan Putuo Temple

Nanpuyuan Temple faces south , Built close to the mountain and facing the sea , Adjacent to Xiamen University , Large scale , Solemn momentum , Because it worships Avalokitesvara , It is also named south of Putuo Mountain " Nan Putuo Temple ", by One of the Buddhist resorts in Southern Fujian , Attract many tourists at home and abroad to come here to pray for blessings . In front of the square, the length and width are about 30 Meters square release pond , And a lotus pond about 100 meters long and 70 meters wide . Its south Putuo vegetarian cake won 《 Chinese famous points 》 Golden Tripod Award , It is a famous specialty of Xiamen .
【 Putuo Temple recovered after the founding of the people's Republic of China . now , Xingoulou hall and courtyard , with ; Rebuild the Vatican Palace , glittering ; Hundreds of monks live here , Brahma is solemn ; New life in ancient temple , Long fortune , Reach the peak of history , Epoch making glory .】
Temple of the heavenly king Also known as Maitreya Hall , Maitreya Buddha's kind eyebrows and smiling eyes , Earlobes and shoulders , Bare chest and exposed navel , beam fairly , It seems that every tourist is looking forward to coming .
main hall : Is to meet a monk in 1932 Rebuilt in , A building with double eaves resting on the top of the mountain , The glazed stone pillar villa is solemn and solemn . Mainly dedicated to the past 、 Now? 、 future “ The third Buddha ”, In the middle is Sakyamuni , In the East is the medicine master Buddha , Amitabha .
Sutra Pavilion : There is a Burmese jade Buddha , Ancient bell of Song Dynasty 、 Incense burner , The Ming Dynasty bronze cast eight 24 arm Guanyin and a large number of Buddhist scriptures , The famous ones are 《 Ming Sutra 》《 Japanese Sutra 》 etc. .
Besides , There is also a bell and Drum Tower in Nanputuo temple 、 Merit building 、 Haihui building 、 Puzhao building 、 Taixu Library 、 Classroom of Buddhist College 、 Yangzheng Hospital 、 Wanshou pagoda Architecture , One of the Buddhist colleges is 1925 year , It is the earliest Buddhist institution in China .

5. Xiamen Wanshi botanical garden

Xiamen botanical garden was founded in 1960 year , It has a long history , It is the first botanical garden in Fujian Province . The whole botanical garden is surrounded by wanshiyan reservoir , The garden is planted with 7000 More than plants , It contains a variety of rare plants , For example, Jin qiansong 、 Yew 、 Golden pine and cactus with strange shapes . The whole area of the park is very large , It's close to 5 Square kilometers , If hiking is recommended Focus on visiting succulent plant areas and rainforest world , It is the essence of the whole park .
【 Few cities like Xiamen , Put the city center 4.93 Square kilometers of land do nothing , But to 7000 A variety of plants . If you look down from a high altitude , this 4.93 Square kilometers of area , It gives this island city a green heart , Nature becomes within reach 】
【 A must see scenic spot 】
Desert flora : The plants planted in the desert plant area are Cactus and succulent plants are mainly , Introduction and cultivation 1200 Varied ( The world has 3000 A variety of cactus plants ,10000 Many succulent plants ). among , It took a little effort to introduce the precious cactus plants Jinhu and wulunzhu . Cactus in different forms , clear The new natural background is the best place for tourists to punch in and take photos .
Rainforest world : The trees introduced into the whole rainforest are tropical and subtropical plants , A large number and a sense of hierarchy , Especially in spray , Super Fairy Spirit , The feeling of being in it , Perfect for taking pictures , When you come to Xiamen, you must punch in . The rainforest has... Every morning and afternoon Two hours of spray time :8:30—10:30,15:00—17:00, If you want to take pictures, you can Step on the time point Go to .

6. Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street

Zhongshan road is The oldest commercial street in Xiamen . It represents the prosperity of Xiamen , Rich and the rhythm of the times . As “ Ten famous streets in China ” One of , In the past and now , When people mention Xiamen , It must be said that Zhongshan Road , Like central in Hong Kong 、 Wangfujing in Beijing 、 Nanjing Road in Shanghai ! Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street 、 Shengping road 、 Datong Road , Interwoven to form a Food business district , A wide range of Fujian and Taiwan snacks is a major feature here , A collection of time-honored brands 、 Street stall , Selling traditional early morning flavor 、 Or creative snacks .
【 Arcade buildings on both sides of Zhongshan Road , The ground is connected to the store , The unique scenery is unforgettable to countless people ,2012 Won in “ Famous street of Chinese history and culture ” Honor 】
【 A hot old shop hidden in an alley 】
Huang zehe Peanut soup is the signature of Huang zehe , It's also a must order food here , Sweet and not greasy , Peanut soup with eggs is more popular . stay 91 In, it won the domestic The first “ China time honored brand ” The title of ( Per capita 25 yuan )
Shaoziya tribute pill · Fish ball : The main dish is fish balls 、 Shrimp slip products , Coupled with the characteristic shark noodles , Light and delicious ( Per capita 40 yuan )
Yuehua Shacha noodles : An old shop with very hot business , The standard configuration is noodles + Lohan meat *+ Dried tofu + The combination of fish balls ( Per capita 20 yuan )
Bureau mouth noodles : Main mix noodles , The main ingredient is peanut butter , The taste is sweet , In addition, it is recommended that Mixed duck intestines 、 Dumpling Soup ( Per capita 25 yuan )
Golden tofu bag : An enduring snack bar , Interesting way to eat tofu , Dig out the fried tofu , Stuffed with freshly fried meat 、 Pickled radish 、 Cucumbers, etc , The skin is crisp ( Per capita 10 yuan )
Bai Cheng Datong duck porridge : Duck porridge is boiled with marinated duck gravy , Locals like to soak in marinated eggs and fried dough sticks ( Per capita 20 yuan )
Fried oyster with lotus root : It's famous Fried oyster , Hiding in an alley in JuKou Street , All outdoor environment , Diners are constantly ( Per capita 20 yuan )
Lai cuocheng flat food : The most famous thing is Fresh shrimp flat food soup , Perfectly blend the delicious taste of shrimp and fresh meat , With the boiled big bone soup , It's delicious ; Besides , This noodle is also worth a taste ( Per capita 15 yuan )

7. Jimei learning village

Jimei learning village is a place of beauty and beauty , It is also a scenic spot that gathers all the beauty . from Patriotic leader Chen Jiageng poured money to build , Its architecture is integrated with Chinese and Western styles , It embodies the architectural style of the typical hometown of overseas Chinese in Southern Fujian . Whether it's tall and spectacular school buildings, halls and halls , Or small and elegant pavilions, corridors and pavilions , No one is not covered with glass 、 Dragon Ridge and Phoenix eaves 、 Dao DE , And look closely , again Each has his own ingenuity , People call it “ Jiageng style ”. And therefore became A popular tourist attraction in Xiamen .
【 Jimei school village was built by patriotic overseas Chinese Mr. Chen Jiageng , He has said “ Enlighten people's wisdom , Contribute to the revolution , Help save the country , It's very reasonable . Education is a career for generations , Whenever you need .” Honorable , Alas! 】
【 Famous scenic spots in Xuecun 】
Nanxun building : The name of the building is taken from the poetry of Yu Shun : " The fragrance of the south wind , It can relieve my anger ", It shows Chen Jiageng's wish to develop education all his life .
Dragon Boat pool : The Dragon Boat Festival has grand Dragon Boat Racing . When the , abustle and astir , The southern sound is melodious , jaleo , Xiamen landmark scenic spot .
Daonan building : At the top of the building is the traditional architectural style , At the middle and lower end are western buildings , The moral is that in education, I hope the Chinese will trample on the foreigners .
Return to the garden 、 Return Hall : Is for In memory of Chen Jiageng Mr. founded Jimei school 70 Built on the anniversary of .

8. Roundabout road

Huangjindao road around Xiamen starts from Baicheng, Xiamen University , Finally Wuyuan Bay , The beach scenery along the way is beautiful , Each has its own characteristics , It's tourists A good place to take photos and sightseeing , The main road around the island near the sea and Cultural landscape along the way combination , Ride here , A panoramic view of the coast . beautiful .
【 A leisurely fisherman 、 Pleasant sea breeze 、 A comfortable environment  --  When a city is perfectly integrated with nature , The city is no longer a city , It's a life .】
【 Huandao Road famous beach 】
Baicheng beach : It falls on Huandao South Road , Except for the Baicheng school gate in the east of Xiamen University , Just walk across the overpass . It is the most popular beach for tourists to punch in .
Huangcuo beach : This is the whole roundabout The most natural beach , The sea level has a wide view , Distance it 14 Across the sea is golden gate island , Few tourists come here , Here you can enjoy A quiet and wonderful holiday .
Yefeng village : Xiamen's first set of Outdoor Recreation 、 Catering and leisure 、 Aquatic Sports 、 Beach expansion into one Comprehensive leisure and Tourism Center , Tourists can have fun here .
Pearl Bay : It has the unique characteristics of Xiamen 、 With strong incense Folk Holy Mother Worship , In fact, it can be regarded as a highly representative original ecological natural village in Southern Fujian . The landmark building of zengcuolong is a religious site located by the sea " Holy Mother's palace ".
Wuyuan Bay Beach : There is no doubt about its scenery . I have to say that it is located near the beach Wuyuanwan Wetland Park , The scenery there is beautiful , The air is fresh , Like a vacation paradise . Many tourists will choose to stay here and enjoy their leisure time .

Xiamen's transportation network extending in all directions

【 Xiamen Golden bus line 】
1 Road bus : Xiamen University ( Nan Putuo )-- Zhongshan Road -- Train station -- South Square of railway station
29 Road bus : The first dock -- ferry -- Xiamen University Baicheng -- Pearl Bay -- Once adjacent An -- Huangcuo seashore -- Huangcuo bathing beach -- Yefeng village -- Huandao East Road
87 Road bus : Huli mountain -- Xiamen University Baicheng -- Xiada West Village -- Wanshi botanical garden -- East Gate of the park -- Bailuzhou Park -- Cruise Center wharf
B2 Road bus : Huangcuo bus station -- Once adjacent An -- East Gate of botanical garden -- South Square of railway station
No. 1 subway line : You can experience the real version of Chihiro sea subway , Not only can you reach your destination , There are invincible sea views and snacks along the way !
The world is so big , I want to see it ;
Or travel , Or read ; The body and soul must have one on the road ;
Travel will slowly become an indispensable part of your life , Now I should plan to go out and see the world every year ;
Give yourself a relaxing holiday . Xiamen , Is a person who can precipitate 、 Intoxicated city , If you like it ,
Please click collection or consultation , Walk with me in the city alleys with flowers blooming all the year round ......
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