Pingdingshan Henan Tourism: visit Xiangshan temple and Ancient County Yamen in Pingdingshan (picture)

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Pingdingshan in Henan was first known because it has China's famous coal resources . Last century 1995 year 10 Mid month , Reporter and storyteller teacher yuan Kuocheng and his Henan storyteller , Also Mr. Yuan's student, Zhao Weili , Participated in the... Held there “ The second Chinese Quyi Festival ”, I was lucky to come to this city for the first time , From this, we know that it is also the famous hometown of Quyi in the Central Plains , And Pingdingshan “ Ma Street book club ” It is even more famous in the field of Chinese Quyi .

Pingdingshan New City Scenery ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Time flies , When the reporter came to Pingdingshan for the second time, it was over 18 year . The second Pingdingshan Mining fashion this time is to report the local tourism development , So I went a lot of places , Visited many places of interest , It can be said that we have gained a lot . That is 2013 year 4 month 11 Japan , Reporter and senior reporter of people's daily 、 Kong Xiaoning, director of overseas tourism department 、 Yao Gannan, senior reporter of the people's daily 、 Constant, editor in chief of the people's calligraphy and painting network, and his party came to Pingdingshan , Investigate local tourism resources . Come to Pingdingshan again , For more than ten years , A brand-new urban area has sprung up in the field of vision , The beautiful scenery of the city and the new style made the reporter and his party pleasing to the eyes .

A corner of Baiguishan Reservoir ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

In Pingdingshan Tourism Bureau , Xie Shiwei, deputy director of the bank , From the development of Pingdingshan to the situation of tourism resources . From director Xie's introduction , The reporter learned that the establishment of Pingdingshan City , From the abundant coal resources discovered in the 1950s 1957 The city built in . Because the urban area was built in “ The top of the mountain is as flat as a chip ” It is named after the foot of Pingding Mountain . After decades of development , Today, Pingdingshan has become an energy source 、 The raw material industry is the main body , coal 、 Electric power 、 Emerging industrial cities with comprehensive development of chemical industry and other industries . Zhang Fengling, director of Pingdingshan Tourism Bureau, said : Pingdingshan can be traced back to the fifth century 、 The profound cultural history and unique natural environment six thousand years ago , It constitutes its rich and colorful human history and natural landscape tourism resources . As far as individual tourism resources are concerned , It can rank second in the whole Henan Province .

Stone archway of Xiangshan temple ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

On the afternoon of the , Accompanied by Qi Guodong, then head of the marketing department of Pingdingshan Tourism Administration and Comrade Duan Liwei , The reporter and his party first went to Xiangshan temple, which has a long history . Xiangshan temple is very close to the new urban area of Pingdingshan , Drive into a wide road in front of the scenic spot , It's still a distance from the temple , But the magnificent gray stone archway of Xiangshan temple has come into people's eyes .

The head of Xiangshan Buddhist temple ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Xiangshan , Also known as Huozhu mountain , Located in the east of Baofeng County, Pingdingshan City 15 km . Huozhu mountain is a round hill . There is Xiaolongshan in the West . Xiaolong mountain ends in the West and starts in the East , The tail is low and the head is high . There is Dalong mountain in the East , Dalong mountain starts in the West and ends in the East , Dragon head high , of great momentum . On the whole, it constitutes the situation of two dragons playing with pearls , Very spectacular . On the right of Huozhu mountain, that is, the north foot of Dalong mountain , There is the father city of Han and Wei dynasties ( Today Baofeng County ).

Photo of Xiangshan temple ( Photography : Qi Guodong )

The predecessor of the father city was the father city of the state of Chu in the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period . B.c. 523 year , King Ping of Chu built the city father , Let the prince build a residence and guard .30 After year , King Zhao of Chu saves Chen , Died in the city father . Xiong Zhang, Prince of Zhao, is located in Chengfu , It is called King Hui of Chu in history . In the Western Han Dynasty, the county was changed into the father city , The Eastern Han Dynasty is still . This is a coincidence between the father city of China in the East and the father city of the Buddhist holy land of Tianzhu in the West , It has also become a reason why eminent monks in the western regions chose Huozhu mountain to build Xiangshan temple .

Heavenly King Hall of Xiangshan temple ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

The official title of the well-known Xiangshan temple in ancient and modern times should be dapumen Buddhist temple in Xiangshan , It is an ancient Buddhist temple , Original name “ Dapumen Buddhist temple in ten directions of Xiangshan Mountain ”. In the Tang Dynasty, temples and pagodas coexisted , The song dynasty 、 gold 、 element 、 The Ming dynasties have been repaired or rebuilt . The temple was originally large-scale , Temples and pavilions in the temple , Pagoda bronze bell , Very spectacular , It is one of the famous Buddhist temples in Henan Province . later , The temple collapsed . At the end of Ming Dynasty , Xiangshan Temple suffered from war and fire , All the temples are exhausted . Reconstruction in the early years of Shunzhi reign of the Qing Dynasty , During the reign of Kangxi, it lasted more than 50 years . The late qing dynasty , Xiangshan temple is gradually decaying , In the early days of Liberation , It's in disrepair , Only the Guanyin Tuas pagoda and several stone inscriptions remain . After the liberation , Xiangshan temple has been listed as a key cultural relics protection unit in Henan Province .

Xiangshan temple statue ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Section chief Qi Guodong said , The name of Xiangshan temple, the holy land of Buddhism, comes from Buddhist classics . According to the record : The birthplace of Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism, is the capital of kapilawi ( In the Buddhist scriptures, it is called the father city ), There is a famous fragrant mountain nearby , When Sakyamuni was alive, his disciples had practitioners who went to Xiangshan Mountain , After that, many Buddhists still practiced Buddhism in Xiangshan . so 《 Huayan Sutra 》 When arranging the top ten famous mountains of Yan futi , Xiangshan is second only to Xumishan ( Snow mountain , Today's Himalayas ) Second place , Become a famous Buddhist mountain .

The squatter hall under construction ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

The current Xiangshan temple complex consists of old and new parts . Including the Xiangshan stone memorial archway at the gate and the entrance of Pumen temple 、 Temple of the heavenly king 、 The main hall and the bell and Drum Tower under construction were built by Henan Evergreen Group in 2010 year 5 month 6 It is an important part of the squatter house project of Xiangshan Pumen Buddhist temple, which was started to lay the foundation and donated on the th . Behind these buildings are the well preserved ruins of the original Xiangshan temple .

Thousand-hand Bodhisattva ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

While talking, we passed through the Liaofang engineering buildings of Xiangshan temple and came to the foot of the ancient temple . Only before the meeting, it leads to the gate of the temple from low to high 132 Stone steps . Stand under the first step and look up , Red temple walls and towering gray pagodas are hidden between green pines and cypresses , Extremely solemn .

Prayer flags in the main hall ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

The reporter and his party climbed more than 100 stone steps and came to the gate of Xiangshan Temple facing south , A plaque with yellow characters on a red background is hung above the temple , letter “ Xiangshan temple ” Three big words . Hanging on the right “ Henan Pingdingshan Buddhist Association ” Brand . Entering the temple, there is the first year of Xining in the Northern Song Dynasty (1068 year ) The rebuilt great mercy Guanyin Tuas tower , It is an octagonal nine level dense eaves brick tower , It's chic , Quaint and beautiful . There is a hole in the south of Taki , For the Jade Buddha Cave , There are “ Jade Buddha ” One , Dignified posture , Eyes open as if closed , Look detached ; At the bottom of the tower “ Thousand hands and thousand eyes Buddha ” One , Standing in the cave .

Between pines and cypresses ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

On the left and right of the tower is the bell and Drum Tower . The bell tower is hung in the third year of the Ming Dynasty ( A.D. 1192 year ) Two big clocks were cast . It weighs 3000 Jin . North of the tower is Guangsheng Hall , Plastic gift giving mother . Guangsheng hall is the main hall . The main hall has red walls and green tiles , Unique charm , Manjusri Bodhisattva is enshrined in the hall 、 Sakyamuni Buddha 、 Bodhisattva , The statue of Buddha is six feet tall , Like a kind and solemn face , Sit on the lotus platform . Eighteen Arhats are arranged on the left and right of the Buddha statues , Different looks .

The gate of Xiangshan temple ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

The empress of the Great Buddha carries a statue for the Dharma protector Wei Tuo , Gao Zhangyu , Majestic and queer . There are many steles in the temple , More precious are the articles written by Jiang Zhiqi, the great scholar of song Guanwen Hall 、 The historical stele of great mercy Guanyin Taoist testimony written by Cai Jing ; The number one scholar of the Wuchen family in the Ming Dynasty 、 Liu Ruozai, a famous calligrapher and painter, wrote “ Rebuilding the great mercy Guanyin tower monument ” Wild grass monument ; Wu Lin, the prince in law of the founding Duke of Guangping County in the Jin Dynasty, replied that it was made by God with his wife Princess of the state of Tang “ Reconstruction of Guanyin Buddhist temple in Xiangshan, Ruzhou ” Stele, etc . The body of the book is wild grass , The brushwork is unrestrained . Inscription on a tablet 16 That's ok , full 49 word , It mainly describes the founding age and rebuilding process of Guanyin Tuas pagoda and the momentum of Xiangshan temple .

Overlooking the new urban area of Pingdingshan ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

different kinds of buildings 20 The rest , There are hundreds of Buddhist houses in zhailiao . There is a Tallinn on the right front of the temple . Covers an area of 40 Mu . There is a Vatican tower 49 seat , Buddhist stone pillar 7 seat , In Hindi 、 Chinese 、 arabic 、 Written in four Tibetan characters . There are also more than 100 Lingta , High and low , In various forms . There are also 16 subordinate monasteries , Five places in the manor .“ Every mid spring , Incense is in full bloom , Tourists from all directions , Tens of thousands ”. Standing high in Xiangshan temple, overlooking , A panoramic view of the new city .

Guanyin Tuas ancient pagoda ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Xiangshan temple has a profound cultural heritage , There are famous ones here “ Jiulao Pavilion ”. Xiangshan “ Nine old ”, Refers to Bai Juyi 、 Hu Xuan 、 Ji Jiao 、 Zheng Ju 、 Liu Zhen 、 Zhang Hun 、 Li yuanshuang 、 Monk Ruman and other nine historical celebrities . Bai Juyi wrote Lotte , Great poet of Tang Dynasty . His ancestral home is Taiyuan, Shanxi , Later moved to Weinan, Shaanxi . Bachelor of Hanlin Academy , He used to work as a leftist . He strongly opposed the extravagant life of corrupt officials and wealthy nobles , Jealous of bureaucrats and dignitaries , I've been demoted many times . According to historical records , In his later years, he retired to Zhaiji Town, his father city ten miles north of Xiangshan , Number “ Xiangshan Hermit ”. Later generations commemorate them , In Xiangshan temple “ Jiulao Pavilion ”, There are nine old statues in the Pavilion . For hundreds of years , Every Double Ninth Festival , Scholars from all over the world often come here to chant , Anniversary “ Nine old ”.

The main hall of Xiangshan temple ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Xiangshan Temple suffered repeated misfortunes after the Ming Dynasty , I. the social unrest destroyed during the Ming and Qing Dynasties ; Then destroyed in the warlord scuffle during the Republic of China ; Three were destroyed by the cultural revolution and four were broken . The only remaining Guanyin Tuas tower , Also shaky .1956 It was announced as a provincial cultural relics protection unit in ,1976 The rubbings of the great mercy guanyinsa Zhengguo tablet were exhibited in London at the invitation of Oxford University in the United Kingdom .1982 Years later , Relevant departments have repaired and strengthened the Xiangshan Temple Pagoda and the existing cultural relics nearby . In recent years, temples and monasteries have been rebuilt , Make Zhongzhou ancient temple regain its former glory .

Ancient pagoda statue ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

After visiting Xiangshan temple , In the afternoon , Under the guidance of Dong Chong, the then office director of Pingdingshan Tourism Bureau, the reporter and his party drove to the ancient county yamen of Ye County under the jurisdiction of Pingdingshan City to explore the secret . It was founded in the second year of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty ( A.D. 1369 year ) Yexian County Government Office , It is the only county government building in Ming Dynasty among the existing ancient government offices in China .

The head of Yexian yamen ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Ye County Yamen is located in the center of the county , There are a lot of people here , The traffic is heavy . The county government can be said to be an ancient architectural complex taking quiet in the midst of trouble . Its area is huge , Covers an area of 16848 Square meters . The whole building consists of the central axis and the East 、 On the auxiliary line on both sides of the West 41 A unit 、153 The house consists of . The main building has a lobby 、 Second Hall 、 Three halls 、 Prison room 、 Kitchen 、 Magistrate's residence 、 Daxian temple 、 Empty reception hall 、 Si Bu Zhai and other buildings .2006 It was listed as a national key cultural relics protection unit in . Come to the door and look up , This Wupin county government building, which faces south, has a large scale , Magnificent momentum . Just above “ Ye County Government ” Four large traditional Chinese plaques , Hang in the middle above the gate .

Photos taken by the county government in the Ming Dynasty ( Photography : Zhang Nong )

The couplets on the left and right of the gate are “ Listen to the sky, listen to the people, listen to the sky, watch the people , People drown themselves, others starve themselves ”, For ouyanglin . At that time, ouyanglin made this pair of couplets to remind himself , Now that I have become the parents of the people , We should care about the pain and suffering of the people , Be open and aboveboard , Be responsible , As an official , Benefit one side .

County Government Hall ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

It should be said , Ouyanglin is a man of the same words and deeds , According to the relevant records of Ye County , Ouyang Lin has been in office for six years , Run righteousness school 、 Xiu County Department 、 Set eight sights 、 Compiling county annals , I have done a lot of good things for Ye County . The couplet in the middle of the rolling shed is : It's no honor to be an official , Losing an official is not humiliating , Don't say an official is useless , The whole place depends on one official ; Eat people's food , Wear the clothes of the people , Don't deceive the common people , I am also a common people . The couplets between the two ends of the rolling shed are : The mountains are strong, and gold and silver are precious only if they are not greedy ; The river flows around the iron and stone, and there is no doubt that we will unite as one . Officials are not greedy , The blessing of the people . There is an allusion in it , come from 《 Master Zuo's Spring and Autumn Annals 》:“ Song savage , Plough and get jade , Offering to the Secretary of the city, Zihan , Zi Han is not affected by . yue :‘ The son takes jade as his treasure , I treasure not to suffer , If I take the treasure , You also lost treasure , I also lost my treasure .’”

“ Jie Shiming ” Monuments, ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Entering the gate is “ Jie Shiming ” Monuments, , This is the only stele type official motto in the county government office . Monument height 2.1 rice 、 wide 1.28 rice , thick 20 centimeter . Front book “ Gongshengming ” Three big words , On the back of the monument is a famous calligrapher in the Northern Song Dynasty 、 The official motto written by Huang Tingjian, a former Yexian County Lieutenant , The content is :“ Your salary , rolers squeeze the people to enrich themselves , People are easy to abuse , Heaven can't deceive .” This is an official aphorism , From Meng Chang, the leader of later Shu , himself “ lead a luxurious and dissipated life ”, But determined to straighten out the administration of officials , So I spent four years in Guangzheng ( A.D. 941 year ) Write it yourself 《 Make a proverb 》24 sentence :“ I miss my son , eat late and get up early …… Your salary , rolers squeeze the people to enrich themselves . serve as a local governor , Be merciful . Mianer is the precept , I think deeply .”

Ancient county yamen wing room ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Bypass “ Jie Shiming ” Behind the monument is the lobby . On the plaque of the rolling shed in the lobby , It is impressively written by Yu Youren, a talented scholar in the late Qing Dynasty “ Heaven and earth are healthy ”. The plaque in the lobby hangs “ Spiegel hung ”. Ge Hong from Jin 《 Xijing miscellany 》 load : There are square mirrors in Xianyang palace , People have diseases to take photos of, can know the location of the disease . People have evil intentions , A photograph can give insight into . Qin Shihuang often used this mirror to look at the palace people , Kill the dissident . This plaque is hung high in the lobby of the government office. It can be said that the officials are well intentioned , A person who claims to be an official strictly enforces the law , Justice in the case , Insight and insight ; Two warnings for officials , When trying a case, we must be clear-minded .

Guxian yamen prison room ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

Couplets in the lobby on both sides “ If I sell French brain and paint the floor , I dare to deceive my heart one day ”, Facing the kneeling stone . Set this way , The intention is obvious : On the one hand, it affirms that those who are officials strictly enforce the law 、 Moderating justice , If not , Willing to accept all punishment ; On the other hand, it warned the personnel involved to abide by the law and discipline , To be honest , Otherwise, it's unreasonable . ready to die the cruelest death for principles , Liu Xiang of Han Dynasty 《 jin . Fuen 》:“ The minister finally did not dare to hide the idea without showing his gratitude , May you be so upset , Use the blood of the neck to defend the enemy for a long time .”

The back garden of the county government ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

The lobby is the standard for high-level official titles , Roll shed is a symbol of identity and status , It is also the capital that officials are proud of , Hang such couplets in Ye County Government Office , It has a special meaning , It's actually a reminder , No matter how high the official is , Also be strict with yourself , Love the people . Only thus , To get closer “ Officer, ” The relationship with the people . The most significant thing is the couplet in the middle of the three halls , It reads : The ancient and modern couplets have no philosophical significance , Originally lost , It was remembered by an old gentleman in Ye County . In the 12th year of the Republic of China , The old man has only 12 At the age of , With the grandfather who was a scholar at that time, he came to see the magistrate of the county , He saw this couplet at that time , Grandpa just let him recite it .

A corner of the prison room ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

The architectural style of Ye County ancient county yamen , It has a unique architectural form integrating the architectural styles of North and South . Because it is located in the Central Plains , Its architectural style follows the symmetrical courtyard architectural structure layout in northern China , It highlights the northern region of China and even the middle of the Yellow River 、 The downstream area is rough 、 Dignified 、 Simple architectural features , In addition, Ye County is located in “ Nantong Yungui , Beida Youyan ” The main traffic road , By the South 、 The influence of the northern economic and cultural intersection region , The building is made of wood 、 Brick carving technology is integrated into the exquisite architectural technology of the south 、 Some of the delicate features , It provides a material basis for studying the characteristics and change law of ancient north-south architectural schools in China . In order to increase the connotation of county government culture , Improve viewing value , Ye County moved the cultural relics warehouse to the newly completed cultural relics exhibition hall , from 1000 Selected from a number of cultural relics in stock 300 Several boutiques are on display , Among them is 70 Many cultural relics are the only rare treasures left in China .

Guxian yamen alarm clock ( Photography : Feng Ganyong )

The first day of the reporter's second Pingdingshan Mining trip , After visiting the ancient temple of Xiangshan temple and exploring the ancient yamen of Yexian County, the trip ended successfully , The reporter and his entourage felt that it was a worthwhile trip , Everyone is excited to look forward to the next more wonderful trip .( Image & Text : Feng Ganyong )

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