Beijing is a good place to walk babies for free! ~ Marathon base camp of Beijing Winter Olympic Park

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essential information

【 Park name 】 Beijing Winter Olympic marathon park

【 Address 】 Lugouqiao North Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing

【 Business Hours 】 There is no limit to time

【 Ticket purchase 】 You need to make an appointment or scan the code on the spot

【 traffic 】 location “ Beijing Winter Olympic marathon park ”, Both the south gate and the north gate can , The distance from the children's play area is 1.5 km

【 Parking 】 free

Introduction to the park

【 Play time 】 Suggest 3-4 hours

【 Introduction to the park 】 The marathon base camp is small , You can see that it is a long and narrow area , The distance between the north and South gates is about 4 km , The children's section is just                         middle , So no matter which door the car stops at, you need to walk 1.5 The children's area can only be reached by kilometers or park shuttle buses . 

                      Distinguish between free and toll areas for children , There is sand in the free area , Stump path , Climbing frame 、 Large slide 、 Rocking horse and other facilities ; also                           Colored speckled walls , There are wooden cars 、 Woodcarving animals and other childlike facilities . There are cartoon battery cars in the toll area .

                      The park provides two to three selling vehicles for selling food and toys , There is a simple mobile toilet .

                     There are high-speed trains on the viaduct in the park , Under the South Bridge, you can see green trains and freight trains , Probably 5 About a minute .

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Marathon departure square
The climbing ladder in the children's area
There are four different climbing passages
Climbing net in children's area
Sand stakes in the children's area
Sand play area in children's area
Wood carvings in the children's area
A large two-story slide in the children's area
Animal battery cars in the toll area
Charge price
Charge price
Toll car town
The charging price of car town
The shuttle bus in the park , You can go to the parking lot
Track Marathon
5、 ... and 、 In June, the yellow croaker flowers are in full bloom
High speed railway and green train can be seen in the park
The rest area of the park


automobile 、 Shared bicycle 、 The motorcycle 、 Battery cars are not allowed in the park ·

It is recommended to wear loose clothes and sports shoes for the baby

You can take the ball 、 Sand digging tools, etc

There are few kinds of food in the garden , You'd better bring some food with you

There are few seats for children to rest in the activity area , You can take a picnic mat or go to the rest area of the park , There are trees, flowers and seats

There are few trees in the children's activity area , Do well in sun protection

There are only mobile toilets in the park , Hand washing is inconvenient , It's best to bring disinfection paper towels or wet paper towels, etc

Few people visited the park during the epidemic , Whether the ferry goes in or out , If you need a ferry, ask the security guard at the gate to contact the staff in the park

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