The wonder of the first highway in the world introduction to 99 curved Tongtian Avenue in Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie

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Tianmen Mountain is a very hot scenic spot in Zhangjiajie , When it comes to the peak tourist season , Tickets are very difficult to buy , You can't buy tickets that day , All need to be in advance 3~5 Day purchase , If you go to Zhangjiajie to play , Be sure to buy tickets for the scenic spot in advance , Book accommodation .
Because of the natural wonders of Tianmen Mountain “ Tianmen Cave ” And get the name , In fact, except for Tianmen Cave 、 Glass plank road and other very hot scenic spots , There are also 99 curved Tongtian Avenue , When people buy tickets , When choosing the way up the mountain , There will be buses from 99 Daowan Tongtian Avenue is the choice of going up and down the mountain .

99 The road turns to the sky, and the avenue goes up the mountain , It's winding , It takes a lot of detours , So the drivers in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain scenic area are all experienced drivers , Drivers who are familiar with the road conditions of Tianmen Mountain will drive , It was very exciting all the way .
Tianmen Mountain 99 Daowan Tongtian Avenue , Twists and turns are haunted , Is the “ The first road wonder in the world ”, Various racing activities are often held here .
The thoroughfare leading to heaven on Tianmen Mountain is full-length 10.77 km , It's in a short distance of torture , The altitude rose sharply from 200 meters to 1300 rice .

How to climb and descend Tianmen Mountain :

1、 A Line : Cableway up the mountain , Ride down the mountain ( Need to buy... One day in advance )
2、B Line : Ride up the mountain , The cableway went down
3、C Line : Go up and down the mountain by bus ( Unable to experience cableway )
No matter which way you choose to go up and down the mountain , The money for tickets is the same , It's just that the way of transportation up and down the mountain is different .

Introduction to Tianmen Mountain :

1、 Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain National Forest ticket purchase implements the real name system , You need to use your valid ID card to buy , I also need my valid ID card when collecting tickets in the scenic spot , If you have a student card 、 Old age syndrome 、 Families of martyrs can get preferential certificates , You have to take it .

2、 Tianmen Mountain tickets are divided into time periods , Because Tianmen Mountain is a very popular scenic spot in Zhangjiajie , There are still a lot of tourists , So Tianmen Mountain scenic spot is to divert tourists , Divide tickets into different check-in times , When people buy tickets , Arrange the admission check-in period according to your own time , In short, you can delay entering the scenic spot , But not in advance , For example, you bought 4 Dot , You can 5 Enter the scenic spot for ticket check at , But not in advance 3 spot .

3、 The ticket of Tianmen Mountain scenic spot already includes the cableway up and down the mountain 、 The fare , But it doesn't include tickets to scenic spots such as glass plank road , If you still want to go to the glass plank road , I suggest buying tickets in advance .
4、 Tianmen Mountain tickets are valid for 1 God , After leaving the scenic spot, the ticket is invalid .

coordinate :

Dayong Road, Yongding District, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province

Transportation strategy :

Take a bus in the downtown area of Tianmen Mountain 6、5、4 No. bus arrives at the city garden cableway station ( Tianmen Mountain cableway next station ) You can get to .
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