Chengdu has a connecting flight for 68 hours. Don't waste it. I play like this

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This trip landed in Chengdu for a short time 68 Hours , It's not my style to stay in the hotel and brush my mobile phone , Walking around the streets to see the scenery and shoot delicious food is my correct way to open , Limited time, I can only choose a few treasure spots in Chengdu . So where did I choose to go ? Follow my footsteps and have a look .


As the largest city in Southwest China , The traffic is very convenient , Subway bus travel definitely meets the needs of the majority of donkey friends , It's also convenient to rent occasionally , It's just that the city is too big , Sometimes it's a long journey , Be sure to plan your time .

The hotel

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Not far from Chunxi Road Pedestrian Street , On the side is taiguli, which is photographed by netizens , Beautiful women are like clouds, you know , Travel is very convenient . As a Hyatt's Hotel , The facilities and services are of a very high standard , The guest room with full French windows can see the city view , The combination of Tang style and simple Chinese style , It has a lot of flavor .

Scenic spot

Panda base
I went to Chengdu and didn't see how Pangda could , After reading the introduction, he said he would go early in the morning , Or the panda will hide in and sleep . It's still a long way to the panda base , sit 655 It's direct , Take a nap on the way , tickets 52 Yuan is very cost-effective , The national treasures are stronger than I thought , It's big, too , I prefer those cute baby pandas , My heart has melted , Dining in the scenic spot , The set meal turned out to be a panda , I can't bear to eat .
Jinsha Site
As a museum controller , It's also worth visiting here , Take a bus to the ruins , tickets 66 element , The whole site is divided into dozens of pits, large and small , The picture and text on the side introduces what has been out here , For example, the golden bird 、 Gold masks were unearthed here , Witnessed the brilliance of ancient Bashu civilization , There are many deer on the noodles .4D It's a pity that there's no time to watch the film .
Temple of marquis
As a place where fans of the Three Kingdoms have to punch in anyway , With Zhuge Liang's name in mind, you must go even if others say it's not fun , Although it is called Wuhou Temple , And Liu Bei's Huiling 、 Zhaolie Temple of Han Dynasty 、 Sanyi Temple , And the red wall of bamboo forest where wanghong takes photos , The tickets for several scenic spots are only 3 element , Think 3 Yuan is not enough to take a subway in Xiamen , A bargain .
* Du fu thatched cottage
Where Du Fu lived when he was in Chengdu , tickets 47 element , It is said that during his time in Chengdu, he wrote hundreds of songs , After hundreds of years , Today's thatched cottage is still very large , I believe that the thatched cottage in those days should no longer exist , Today's buildings are restored according to the folk houses in Western Sichuan , There are pavilions inside , a wild profusion of vegetation , It's good to walk around , Maybe the manuscript can't be written, and suddenly there will be inspiration .

Old street

Width alley
Wide and narrow alleys with antique flavor , It's like shuttling back to the past , Come here in the evening , Time slows down in the sunset , There are many delicious foods here , And most of them are creative , It's also good to choose one and taste it carefully .

Chunxi Road
A song about Chengdu makes Chinese people want to take a walk on the streets of Chengdu , Chunxi Road is an old street , Now it's very prosperous , The hotel is nearby , I've been walking here for two nights in a row , Feel the prosperity of Chengdu .


1️⃣ Eat Chengdu spicy fish hot pot
Come to Chengdu , How can we not eat Sichuan Sichuan hot pot . This spicy fish hotpot in Chengdu is on the list of must eat in Chengdu , Of course, you can't miss it , Not far from Chunxi Road , Walk slowly . The ancients said that they didn't eat the river and didn't know the smell of fish , Tired of the smell of sea fish , Try river fish this time , A special fish hot pot . We ordered the Yangtze River regiment , Point and kill now , No bone spurs , I usually eat fresh water fish in Xiamen and feel very earthy , Sichuan flavor completely retains the freshness and taste of fish , There's no smell , The taste is smooth . As Hu Jianren , Can't completely control Sichuan spicy , Spicy mandarin duck pot bottom is the best choice , Hu Jianren is really not good at spicy food , The two of them were so angry that they didn't give up eating fish , It feels so sour . Making fried materials on site is also a big attraction , Shifu is skilled . The weight of fish is quite large , Another hand-made black tofu will be enough for two people , Black tofu is very tender , Bean flavor is also strong , The entrance feels tight . Brown sugar Ciba, one for each table , I think this is the dessert of Chengdu people , Outer coke and inner glutinous , It's a little chewy when you eat it in your mouth , Sweet , And the unique aroma of brown sugar , Very delicious .
2️⃣ Alley fat intestines
The business of a small shop is so good , If it's not recommended by friends, I really can't find , The shop is on the side of the road , It looks very ordinary decoration , It's quite clean. A fat sausage has several flavors , Some chew more and more delicious , Some are crisp and delicious , And some are soft, tender and juicy . Spicy taste is also more acceptable .

3️⃣ MINGTING Hotel
After watching the panda, I went around here , I was shocked to be here , They all eat in the open air , crowded , jaleo , People crowd 𠈌…… A fish with rattan pepper , Spicy and delicious , Lotus leaf sauce meat 、 Naohua tofu is a specialty . Open the lotus leaf , The meat smells delicious , It's very salty and delicious , Naohua feels that all kinds of peppers have gone down , This spicy degree almost made Hu Jianren die on the spot , But after slowing down, I couldn't help taking another bite .

There are also some casual street snacks and small restaurants that can't remember their names, which are ignored here .
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