From Wuhan to Guizhou -- why don't you go to places you haven't seen (Part 2)

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The people who have been on the road , Now that we have reached Zhijin ancient city pedestrian street , Then take a good look , No exaggeration , Eating, drinking and having fun is really everything .
The overall feeling is with ancient architectural style , This may also be called “ Zhijin ancient city ” Why not . Go from the gate of the street to the south gate at the end , It's a few kilometers away ,
The cultural scenery is reflected in the unique national color , The houses on both sides are arranged neatly , There is no sense of conflict between modern and ancient , On the contrary, I think this is the value of historical relics embodied in modern times . Especially during the Spring Festival , In particular, I can feel a festive atmosphere .
Cross this straight street , It's the government square , Like an ordinary square , One night , There are healthy uncles and aunts who follow the music to dance the square dance that is popular all over the world , And skateboarding teenagers , Hip hop rehearsal Club , I always feel an inexplicable feeling , Although the style is different , But it feels energetic .
Unconsciously look up at the clouds in the sky , Compared with the bustle of the pedestrian street, the vision is wide in an instant . Walk to the end of the pedestrian street , There will be a lot fewer people here , See that it says “ North Gate ” Arch of , The biggest feeling is that it has the charm of the ancient city . I bought a specialty , I'm going to send it to my friends in Wuhan .
nightfall , There is no physical strength , Anyway, I've taken more than 20000 steps today , Ready to go back to the hotel .

Day2( The hotel — Weaving gold holes 、 Zhijin Grand Canyon )

Next , It's the main play , Went to Zhijin Cave , The rental car arrived here in less than two hours , with “ China's top ten Grottoes ” The most famous Cave , I can't help feeling excited for a long time . Group randomly after buying tickets , What I want to say here is that the cave and Canyon can buy tickets at the same time , Student ID cards can be discounted , You can follow the guide , The tour guide will explain the situation of the karst cave in detail , Of course , If you are confident in your imagination , You can also visit by yourself .
The journey inside the cave takes about two hours , Most of the caves have steps , Old people and children must pay attention to safety when they go .
Guizhou is the kingdom of karst caves ,  Yes 600 Multiple large karst caves ,  One of them is located in Zhijin County, Bijie “ Make a chicken hole ” It's the biggest .  We walked all the way 2 Hours . I counted it ,  It does 13 A cave Hall .  It's so big .  It's Hubei I've been to so far ,  jiangxi ,  The largest cave in Western Hunan . Look at the picture .
There is only one sightseeing route in the cave , All the forks were blocked , Just walk along the steps , Don't worry about getting lost . Lighting in the tunnel 、 The signs are complete , It is a relatively complete facility 、 Mature scenic spots with relatively good management .
On the way back , Looking for food , Tasted the characteristic bamboo fungus soup , Have a certain thickness , Crisp and crisp , Worth relying on . In order to feel the characteristics of local minorities , Into a highly rated “ Miao's special clay pot ”, This shop is super awesome , It didn't disappoint us , The local beef is very tender 、 sweet , Strongly recommend . They call potatoes potato here , It's cooked like burnt French fries , Put it in a bowl for one , You might as well order one , Little friends who like potatoes will like . Straighten it out , Per capita, but 50 element , It's a good deal .
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